‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki is All Smiles in Photo from UFC 265

by Matthew Memrick

“Walker” star Jared Padalecki took to UFC 265 Saturday night and gave a full-beared smile at the event.

The native Texan is the star and executive producer of “Walker,” a CW television series reboot of the 1990s series starring Chuck Norris. 

Deadline.com reported the 18-episode season wraps up this month. The second season starts Oct. 28.

‘Walker’ Star Has Home On The Range

Recently, People.com reported that a prominent architectural publication featured Padaleckis’ Austin farmhouse. 

Padalecki, along with his wife, Genevieve, recently revealed their house’s taxidermy-themed decor to Architectural Digest.

“We are chicken owners, proudly, and we love our chickens,” Jared Padalecki said in an archdigest.com video tour of the property.

The couple shares the home with their three kids: Thomas Colton, 9, Austin Shepherd, 7½, and daughter Odette Elliott, 4.

“Sometimes, when our chickens leave this world, we’ll try and honor them by keeping them around,” Jared Padalecki told the publication. 

Genevieve Padalecki even introduced their taxidermied “favorite chicken,” whose final resting place is in their powder room. Needless to say, the family also has dogs, mini horses, and a beehive for honey.

The Padaleckis moved to Austin from Los Angeles in 2010. They say they enjoy the “slower pace” of the Lone Star State. 

Stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Christy Carlson Romano, and Haylie Duff have also come to Texas. Jared’s former Supernatural costar, Jensen Ackles, and his family are also neighbors.

“I think if you get to Austin and you don’t decide to go the Austin speed limit, then you probably won’t last here,” Jared Padalecki told the publication. 

Going back to the house, Jared likes having “little nooks and crannies” around the house. He said he didn’t want the house to feel vast and cavernous like other Texas homes. He said, “a lot of homes in Texas focus on making it as big as possible, with two-and-a-half-story grand entrances. That’s fine if that’s your thing, but it is not our[s]. 

Padalecki said the family “would rather (the home) feel like a little crab shell.”

The house also has a backyard with several levels, a pool, a basketball court, and a vegetable garden.

Wife Celebrates”Walker” Star’s Birthday

Jared Padalecki turned 39 last month, and his wife, Genevieve, was there to celebrate the occasion on Instagram. The couple posted two selfies.

Mrs. Padalecki, 40, said: “HP you are Pure Magic. Happy Birthday @jaredpadalecki so grateful to celebrate another year with you.”

“I only help create magic when YOU are the magician!!” Jared responded.

On his own Instagram account, the former “Supernatural” star shared his appreciation for all of the birthday love from fans.

“Thanks for the birthday love, y’all!!” he captioned a photo of himself celebrating.

“You make me feel like a guy who’s smiling, even though an ice-cream firecracker is about to blow up in his face. (Uhhh…. Wait a second…).”