‘Walker’ Loses His Cool in New Clip

by Allison Hambrick

The CW’s “Walker” previewed a scene from this week’s episode that leaves Jared Padalecki’s Texas Ranger visibly shaken.

In a clip shared to the series’ Twitter, Cordell Walker is upset at seeing potential flame Geri, played by Odette Annable, on what appears to be a date. Though he tried to brush it off, his coworkers know him better than that. Cordell had intended this outing with his coworkers and Geri to function as something of a double date.

In this reboot of Walker Texas Ranger, Cordell struggles with balancing grief, work, and family relationships. The overarching plot of first season involves solving the murder of Cordell’s wife, Emily, which led him to go undercover for a year. Notably, the only person from home he routinely contacted was his wife’s friend, Geri.

The two share a special bond at first because of their lifelong friendship and shared grief, but over the course of the season, their feelings deepened, culminating in a kiss between the two. As a result, Annable was promoted to a series regular for the second season. Her character has since made more connections with others in the cast, such as Cordell’s partner, Micki.

Unfortunately, Geri and Cordell find themselves on worse terms as they linger in romantic limbo.

Walker Is About Recovery

Interestingly, the series centers on recovery. The grief and love shared by the family is the subject of much of the first season. Balancing being a father, son, and brother takes its toll on Cordell as he grieves. Because of this, his bond with Geri slowly gets stronger as he learns to trust her again.

As Emily’s murder is solved over the course of the season, Cordell is able to open himself back up to his family and friends. This allows him to begin repairing the disarray caused by the loss of Emily and Cordell’s undercover assignment. Geri is a big factor in Cordell’s healing because after his suspicions of her subside, she shares the strongest attachment to the mystery. Why? Because she was the last person who saw Emily.

“When you have a friendship like Walker and Geri’s, there’s so much history there and so many emotions that they’ve shared together,” Annable told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s going to be interesting to see what the audience thinks about what does happen.”

Geri Is Both Past and Present for Cordell

Because they were friends before Cordell lost Emily, their dynamic is interesting.

“It was always Geri and Hoyt and Walker and Emily,” said Annable. “Geri’s one of Walker’s oldest friends, so it’s interesting to see a character that doesn’t take any s–t from Walker. She loves him deeply, she wants the best for him, but she also can hold her own with him. I think their dynamic is really great in the way that I am a good sounding board for Walker but I also can call him out when he needs to be called out.”

Walker and Geri clearly have strong feelings for each other. It will be interesting for fans to see how their relationship evolves, especially given Cordell’s reaction to Geri with another man.