‘Walker’ Scores Top Ratings of the Season

by Anna Dunn

The CW’s Walker has seen some substantial ratings success over the past few weeks. And this week, it got even stronger, drawing in 1.7 million viewers, which is its largest audience in ten episodes. Its doing very well for a scripted series. Its competitors are mostly reality television.

Other shows that have gained notable ratings this week include NBC’s Making It, a reality show about crafters who compete each week. The show his 2 million views. Good Girls did slightly better than Walker, hitting 2.1 million viewers for its 2 part finale.

CBS’s Big Brother, however, crushed the competition in ratings, bringing in 3.7 million viewers. The show follows a group of strangers living together in a house, who decide to evict one house guest each week.

Still, for a freshman scripted show competing against a bunch of fan-favorite reality shows, Walker has done well for the CW, earning top ratings over other dramas. The show stars Jared Padalecki, who starred as Sam Winchester for over a decade in the CW’s Supernatural.

The Show Follow’s a Ranger’s Return to Austin

Walker follows a Man named Cordell Walker. He’s a widower, and father who returns back to Austin, Texas after being undercover for two years. Upon his return, Walker discovers that there’s a lot to do back home. Walker is, of course, a reimagining of Walker Texas Ranger. The writer’s room has to work hard at trying to tackle the police system in a politically divided state like Texas.

Producers titled it Walker because they don’t want it to just center around one man, but on the entire Walker family. Padalecki himself was on the team that came up with the show and brainstormed his character.

Jared for some reason wanted to go back to work,” showrunner Anna Fricke joked at a CW panel for the show, “We sat down and talked about the character, and it’s a departure from the original show, and its own version.”

Jared also stars alongside his wife, Genevive, who he also acted alongside in Supernatural during its fourth season. They’ve been married since 2010.

While Supernatural is getting a spinoff that’ll likely feature Padalecki’s former co-stars, he isn’t appearing in the series. Instead, Jared is sticking with what he has with Walker.

Walker Has Been Picked Up For a Second Season

Walker has performed well in the ratings for the network, however, it’s gotten mixed reviews. This made fans nervous about the show possibly not getting picked up. Thankfully for Padalecki and his co-stars, the show has been renewed.

“Couldn’t be prouder to announce we’ve been picked up for our second season today!” Padalecki announced earlier this year. “Grateful for the support from our friends at @thecw, our hardworking crew, cast, and most especially y’all for the tremendous support. Ready to saddle up for this ride and give you all I’ve got. Big love from Texas.”