WATCH: Bill Pullman Recreates Iconic ‘Independence Day’ Speech in Budweiser Fourth of July Ad

by Jon D. B.

“Go fourth, America!” The Independence Day alum is revisiting his iconic role as President Thomas J. Whitmore for Budweiser‘s latest brilliant ad.

“For the first time in 25 years, Bill Pullman is back with a new speech to celebrate Independence Day,” declares Budweiser on their official Twitter Thursday. And they deliver.

Ahead of this 4th of July weekend, the beer giant is delivering unto us the splendor that is Bill Pullman as “America’s favorite former president,” as their faux news broadcast declares.

Within, Pullman’s President Whitmore gives a new spin on his legendary Independence Day speech. But there’s no “alien invaders” this time. Instead, Whitmore aims to pull his fellow Americans out of the drivel of COVID-19 quarantine to reunite in glorious purpose:

“Good afternoon,” Pullman begins in character. “In less than a week, we hope to fire up our grills, and launch one of the biggest Fourth of July celebrations in the history of the United States.”

It’s a bold proposition, one that Budweiser is backing up with a curious prompt: “Share this speech and we might surprise you this Independence Day weekend. #GoFourthAmerica.”

You have our attention, Bud! View the transcript for Bill Pullman’s speech in full below, and get ready for one hell of a 4th!

In Full: The ‘Independence Day’ Speech 2021 Needs

“Good afternoon.
In less than a week, we hope to fire up our grills,
And launch one of the biggest Fourth of July celebrations
In the history of the United States.

The United States. Those words have new meaning for us all today.
And whether you drive a pick-up or a hybrid,
You live in the heartland or on the coast,
Or whether you pronounce it ‘America’ or ‘Murica,’
We’re all Americans.

Seldom on the same page but reading from the same book.
On holidays, anyway.
Perhaps its fate that this Fourth of July, we gotta’ once again come together
To lend a hand to those less fortunate.
To those whose fate still lies in the balance.

We’re fighting for freedom for all.
Not from alien invaders.
From separation.
From being cooped up while baking bread.
And ignoring basic hygiene.

The time has come for us to get fresh,
Gather the crew, and eat veggie and meat burgers until we sweat.
And then, let’s work together towards a future
Where everyone can come to the party.

And should we win the day,
The Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday,
But the day when the world declared in one voice:
‘We will not go quietly into the night!’

We will fill the sky with so much light and freedom,
This thing will rue the day it ever messed with us.

Together, we celebrate out Independence Day.
Go Forth, America.”

How’s that for a glorious return? Independence Day may now be 25-years-old as a film, but one thing’s for damn sure: Bill Pullman’s still got it.

And if you loved this effort from Budweiser, then we absolutely recommend revisiting John Wayne’s Pledge of Allegiance for the 4th of July.