WATCH: Candace Cameron Bure Makes Call to Action for Great Cause, Encourages Fans to Help

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (August 28th) Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure took to her Instagram page to encourage her fans to help a cause close to her heart.

“There is so much happening in our world today that is out of our control. It can feel defeating even though we know that God is sovereign,” Candace Cameron Bure shares in the social media post. “BUT, there is something that together we can fight to end and that is worldwide hunger.”

Candace Cameron Bure revealed details about

“We build kitchens. We provide food and clean water in schools and orphanages in countries like Rwanda, India, the Philippines, and right here in the United States. [We are] working with the homeless communities.”

While discusses the kitchens, Candace Cameron Bure notes that the kitchens may be the only meal that children and families in these areas will have in a day.

“Hunger is something we can solve,” the actress declares. “And if you would join me in skipping something in the month of September and donate that money instead to, we can feed so many people.” 

Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Her Childhood & Religious Background 

During a recent interview with Risen Magazine, Candace Cameron Bure admits she and her siblings weren’t raised in a Christian household. “Although my mom was a believer. My dad didn’t have much of any religious background. He didn’t want any religion brought into the house.”

Cameron Bure then recalled going to church regularly starting at 12-years-old, just two years into her childhood sitcom Full House.

“My parents had separated and were thinking of divorcing,” Candace Cameron Bure explained. “So a family friend had invited our family to go to church in hopes that maybe some counseling would help my parents work through their marriage. Which it did.”

Cameron Bure said she became a believer at age 12 because she did say the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus into her heart. But she didn’t start living her life for the Lord and making personal relationships and commitments between her and God until she was in her early twenties. 

“While we did go to church as a family growing up, it still wasn’t a theme or something that taught much at home because my dad was not a believer, the actress shared. She noted that her dad actually became a Christian about seven years ago. 

“I definitely had a foundation and good principles growing up and my parents raised us in a very moral home,” the Full House star goes on to add. “Being dedicated to hard work, being good people, and knowing the difference between right and wrong.”