WATCH: Chase Rice Posts Hilarious ‘Uncle Duties’ Clip While Home for the Holidays

by Atlanta Northcutt

Breakin’ hearts and takin’ names. Chase Rice posts clips of his nieces and nephews while he’s on “uncle duties” during the holidays, and his fans are here for it.

Fans are Fainting Over Famous Uncle Chase

Fans are practically throwing themselves at him via online social media sites, as Chase posts another photo of his baby nephew, along with videos of his niece and nephew.

Earlier on Facebook, Rice is seen relaxing on a bed while watching his three-year-old twin niece and nephew. He asks “Dan Man,” “what would you say to a girl at a bar?”

“Umm… Hello, Darlin,” says his nephew, with an added click of his tongue and wink.

Chase can’t help but laugh while saying “Good job, Buddy. Gets ’em every time.”

Chase Heads Back to the Carolinas to Be With Family

While on break for the holidays, Chase Rice has been going hunting with his musician brother Lee Brice, and once again, being the coolest uncle there is.

He has brought his three-year-old nephew up on stage to do a little singing of his own, and in a fearless manner, might I add. His niece has grabbed the microphone from his hand for her fifteen minutes of fame while onstage with Chase.

The Brice brothers have taken to the outdoors to hunt and do some shooting. The rugged outdoorsmen are used to North Carolina’s terrain and its environment.

As the holidays near and the inability to tour is out of his hands, Chase has come home, ready to go out with a rifle. He’s ready to do some work on the nearest deer and wildlife.

The Rie brothers haven’t been able to perform at live concerts or hit the roads to tour for several months due to the pandemic. Being an uncle, even a “cool” one, gets a little tough after a while, and most are ready to hang their hats up as time goes by.

The Fun of Being an Uncle or Aunt

Maybe this time spent with his niece and nephews is teaching ole’ Chase about fatherhood.

However, as an uncle or aunt, it’s much easier to do the fun things with the kiddos, and then hand them over to their parents. The perfect time is when those beloved nieces and nephews aren’t too happy or angelic anymore because they’re ready for a nap.

Plus, you’re always cool to them, as he doesn’t seem to be too much of a disciplinary uncle. He’s too cool.

Chase is using his “uncle” status to its full potential as swarms of fans are fainting over a handsome man holding a baby and then trading him over for a gun.