WATCH: Chris Stapleton Debuts Hilarious New ‘Christmas Album’ on Jimmy Kimmel

by Will Shepard

Christ Stapleton is making the rounds lately. After performing at the CMA’s last night, Nov. 11, he is set to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tomorrow night, Nov. 13. But Jimmy Kimmel decided to debut his new work a little early. Releasing his new album “A Very COVID Christmas” on his show, which will surely contain the next great hit.

Kimmel opens the show with a shot at Tennessee. “Usually in Tennessee when this many people get sick it means they undercook the squirrel.” Uh oh, this may or may not be true, but regardless, the joke lands.

Stapleton and His New Album

To the classic tune of “Deck the Halls” and a number of others, Stapleton sings a new Covid tune for Christmas time. Surely in tune with pandemic times, his lyrics ring all too true for this time of year.

Overall it seems that Stapleton’s album is filled with funny one-liner jokes. Certainly, this album will bring holiday cheer, laughter and at the very least, ease the tension of the days.

Some excellent snippets from the album include the following:

“Disinfect the halls with sanitizer, Fa-la-la-la,” sung to the tune of “Deck the Halls.”

“Oh cover your mouth hole; I don’t want your droplets; just put on a mask or leave this Cinnabon,” to the tune of “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”

“Oh Clorox wipes…My groceries disinfected; My vegetables all taste like bleach,” to the tune of “O Holy Night.”

“Oh CDC, oh CDC, your website is… depressing,” to the tune of “O Christmas Tree.”

“With hits such as ‘Coughing around the Christmas Tree,’… ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lost His Sense of Taste and Smell,’… and the instant classic ‘Jingle Bells, I can’t smell'”

But as only he can, Stapleton pokes fun at the pandemic in as light-hearted of a way as possible. Laughs aplenty in this Youtube clip, the jokes ring all too true right now. Albeit, as the country waits for Pfizer to release a vaccine, he and Jimmy Kimmel make fun of the past year.

All that said, he does have a new, non-joke album, “Starting Over” coming out tomorrow, Nov. 13. This will most likely be the topic of conversation on the show.