WATCH: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Reveals Hilarious Plan to Find ‘Proof of Black Panthers on Phil’s Land’

by Chris Haney

On Sunday, Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson revealed his hysterical plan to find proof of black panthers living on his brother Phil’s land.

Everyone’s favorite uncle on Duck Dynasty is convinced he’s seen panthers on Phil Robertson‘s property in Monroe, Louisiana. However, black panther sightings in the state are a common myth amongst many residents.

A 2013 report from Lafayette-based outlet the Daily Advertiser refuted the panther sightings in the state. In fact, many sightings are called in, especially during hunting season. But no sighting has ever been confirmed.

“It’s sort of like Bigfoot,” Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham told the Daily Advertiser. “But the truth is there are no black panthers in Louisiana.”

In addition, the wildlife department shared a news release that year to debunk the ongoing panther myth.

“Every year, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries gets dozens of reported sightings of large cats, both tan and black,” the release stated. “When investigated, almost all of these claims turn out to be more common species such as house cats, bobcats, otters, dogs or even feral hogs.”

Yet the Duck Dynasty uncle has a plan up his sleeve to catch one of the alleged panthers to prove that they aren’t a myth. In the short clip from his podcast, they test out a trap that Si plans to use. It works on a willing human, but we’re not so sure about the mythical Louisiana black panther.

“I’m a man with a plan, boys. Not long till we have proof of black panthers on Phil’s land. Link in bio for the whole story!” Robertson wrote on Instagram.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Shares Relationship Advice

A couple weeks ago, the fan-favorite uncle got serious with some relationship advice for the listeners and fans of his Duck Call Room podcast. While he’s usually up to his usual lighthearted antics like trying to catch black panthers, he dropped some relationship wisdom in late July.

The Duck Dynasty star revealed some deep thoughts about those looking for their true love. Uncle Si reassured listeners and viewers that their other half is out there somewhere. But he said people have to be smart enough to take advantage of the situation when they meet them.

“Oh, trust me when I tell you. God’s got one already picked out for you. All you’ve got to do is be smart enough to realize it when the opportunity comes along,” Uncle Si explains in the video.

Si Robertson also added a caption to his Instagram clip that reinforced his relationship suggestions. The Duck Dynasty reality star put emphasis on his advice and stated that he believes his words of wisdom with all his heart.

“It’s so cool to me how God has a person already picked out for you. I really believe that with all my heart,” he wrote on Instagram. “All you gotta do is be smart enough to realize it when that person comes along! Watch the new @DuckCallRoom with @godwinjohn316’s wife, @godwinpaula, on YouTube.”