Watch Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash Behind-The-Scenes Footage on Set of ‘Jailhouse Rock’

by Keeli Parkey

If you’re a fan of Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash, you might just want to sit down before reading any further. What you’re about to see will most likely make your day.

So, what should have you so excited? Well, there is a video of the two music legends together on the set of the 1957 film “Jailhouse Rock.” Even though the clip is less than one minute in length, it shows Elvis and the Man in Black during their younger days. It’s a real blast from the past.

The video shows Elvis dancing with his famous moves, Cash walking down the street, and Cash with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. There is also footage of the two superstars talking over something that appears to be fairly serious. Cash looks a little downcast and Presley has his hands in his hair.

The soundtrack of the video is made up of songs by both Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. There is no dialogue in the video. However, it’s still worth viewing. You can watch this amazing footage of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash below.

This video was posted by YouTube user ElvisistheMan _. Along with the video, this user is asking fans to share any information they might have about the footage. You can find this YouTube page here.

“Jailhouse Rock” starred Elvis Presley in the title role of Vince Everett. The character served time in jail for manslaughter. While behind bars, Presley’s character learns about the music business. However, he is able to put his past behind him and go on to a successful career in music, according to

You can watch a clip from “Jailhouse Rock” below. “Let’s rock!”

Year Before Release of ‘Jailhouse Rock’ Elvis Presley Shocked Fans with Performance on the ‘Milton Berle Show’

In “Jailhouse Rock,” Elvis Presley’s famous hip-shaking dance moves are on display. However in 1956 – the year before the film was released – there were many people who were not very happy about those same dance moves.

In June 1956, Presley made an appearance on the popular “Milton Berle Show.” During his appearance, he performed two songs. One of which was “Hound Dog.”

While singing, Elvis shook his hips and strutted around the stage the way that is so familiar to fans today. However, at the time, seeing the young performer move in such a way offended a lot of people. Some newspapers printed negative headlines about Elvis and urged readers to ignore him.

What makes this story more interesting is that at the time of his appearance on the “Milton Berle Show” Elvis Presley had not even recorded “Hound Dog” yet. He was only performing the song live. However, the media backlash over his performance on television gave the song – and his career – a major boost. He would go on to record it later on during 1956.