WATCH: ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Releases Full Trailer

by John Jamison

The full trailer for the highly anticipated drama from Taylor Sheridan is finally here. “Mayor of Kingstown” won’t premiere until November, but now Sheridan and Jeremy Renner fans have something substantial to chew on until then. The full video is nearly two minutes long, and there’s a lot to cover. So let’s get into it.

The official addition of “Friday Nights Light” star and Emmy Award-winning actor Kyle Chandler to the cast has only added to the powerhouse group of talent “Mayor of Kingstown” has collected. Aside from Jeremy Renner, Oscar Award-winning actress Dianne Wiest featured heavily in the trailer.

The show itself will follow brothers Mike (Renner, the “Mayor”) and Mitch McClusky as they maintain a stranglehold on the only industry going in Kingstown—the prison system.

The trailer gets off to a hot start. Renner’s character hands a little boy a tennis ball. The kid proceeds to smack the ball over the massive wall of the prison to a waiting convict. Mike McClusky’s voiceover insists that they only “bend the law,” not break it. But the opening moments already seem to touch on the corruption theme that will factor heavily into the series.

From there, we’re introduced to Dianne Wiest’s character, Mariam. She plays a mother figure to Mike, speaking on her knowledge of his father.

“I’m so familiar with what you do. Your father invented it,” Mariam says.

The rest of the trailer sees Mike established as the go-to guy in Kingstown. Cue the explosions, fight sequences, and gunfire. For a small Michigan town, there’s a lot to unravel. It’s safe to say there will be conflict aplenty come the November premiere of “Mayor of Kingstown.” And the trio of Renner, Sheridan, and “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua knows what it’s doing.

Jeremy Renner Called the Taylor Sheridan-built World ‘More Relevant Than Ever’

The excitement from everyone involved with the show is clear to see. And after watching that trailer, their excitement seems entirely justified. There’s going to be so much to work with in terms of storylines and conflict for many seasons to come, should Paramount+ like what they see from the “Yellowstone” creator and his creative colleagues.

Jeremy Renner himself had high praise for the world Taylor Sheridan put together—not much of a surprise, considering his knack for fleshing out compelling universes. The same reportedly holds for the upcoming “Yellowstone” prequel series “1883.”

“I am excited to dig into the complex and rough-around-the-edges character of Mike McLusky. Taylor has brought to life a layered and poignant universe that is not only incredibly intriguing but also more relevant than ever,” Jeremy Renner said in a press release.

If you Outsiders are anything like us, this “Mayor of Kingstown” trailer might demand a few viewings.