WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne’s Brain Melts Upon Hearing Lil Jon’s Remix of ‘Crazy Train’ for First Time

by Joe Rutland

Rock music legend Ozzy Osbourne recently found himself speechless, which is unique for Ozzy, when seeing Lil Jon’s remix of “Crazy Train.”

In a short video clip, Osbourne is shown sitting on a couch with headphones in his left hand. He starts watching Lil Jon sing his version of Osbourne’s classic rock song. Then Ozzy simply opens his mouth and looks like he can’t believe what he’s seeing and hearing.

It’s pretty amazing when one musician like Lil Jon, who is from Atlanta, Ga., can take another one’s breath away. Seeing Osbourne’s reaction to the “Crazy Train” remix will make your day.

So, take a look as Ozzy hears Lil Jon.

“Crazy Train” originally appeared on Osbourne’s “Blizzard of Ozz” album in 1980. It’s a heavy metal rock classic with Osbourne opening the song with a maniacal-sounding voice.

Even at that date and time, it’s surprising Osbourne still had a voice after all the drugs and alcohol he’s consumed in his lifetime.

Ozzy Osbourne Says ‘Should Have Been Dead 1,000 Times’

Meanwhile, Ozzy Osbourne is giving hope to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Just looking at Osbourne these days is proof that recovery from substance abuse is possible. He admits how lucky he is to still be alive. After years of drinking and drugging, Osbourne said he’s finally found contentment within himself.

“I’m lucky,” Osbourne said. “There’s nothing special about me. I should have been dead 1,000 times. I’m not being big-headed about that, or invincible. It doesn’t take much to kill you.”

Osbourne, 72, currently has seven years of sobriety under his belt.

“I thought I’d be drinking to the day I die,” Osbourne said in an interview with Variety. Osbourne explains how hard and hopeless addiction is by saying, “One of the last things my father said to me before he died, he said, ‘Do something about your drinking.’ So I had a drink.”

Sharon Osbourne Says She Didn’t Understand Alcoholism

Alcohol and drugs are part of the entertainment industry, which Ozzy and his wife Sharon Osbourne know all about.

“I just thought that’s how people are when they drink,” says Sharon Osbourne, who is Ozzy’s manager, wife, and co-host of “The Talk” TV show. “I just thought, ‘OK. They just like to drink.’ That was it. I understood nothing about the ‘-ism.'”

Ozzy Osbourne checked into the Betty Ford Clinic, which helps addicts and alcoholics start their road to recovery. It’s named after First Lady Betty Ford, who found recovery from alcoholism helpful in her life.

The family explains how fame made it harder to get sober, especially with paparazzi harassing Ozzy and his son Jack as they battled addiction.

“The thing is people call it a disease, but if you had cancer, people wouldn’t climb over trees and take a photo of you in your bed,” explains Ozzy. “Yet they do when you’re in rehab.”