WATCH: Slo-Mo Video at 2020 Tokyo Olympics Shows Exactly How Incredible Suni Lee Is

by Anna Dunn

Suni Lee made history with her gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Lee just became the first Asian woman of any nationality to win the Women’s All-Around Gymnastics finals. The gymnast, who is from St. Paul, Minnesota, stunned the nation with her incredible athleticism.

Now, the official Twitter account for the NBC Tokyo Olympics has posted a slow-motion video. The video shows the rising star gymnast on the uneven bars. With the slow-mo and commentary, you can truly see how powerful she is.

In the video, 2020 Tokyo Olympics commentators break down moves that not many gymnasts can pull off. This includes a release move that she pulled off going towards the low bar that’s incredibly difficult. They point out that she had everything she needed, speed, power, and a stuck landing. They were also quick to point out Lee’s incredible precision.

Lee’s win also means that American women have continued to dominate the Gymnastics All-around competition in the Olympics, being the fifth consecutive woman to win gold. She’s also the first gymnast of Hmong descent to make the gymnastics team.

Suni Lee Did America Proud at The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Had to Ignore Pressure

And while Suni Lee won after Simone Biles had to pull out of the race to take care of her mental health, she’s clearly deserving of the medal. Biles cheered Lee on from the sidelines.

“This medal definitely means a lot to me, because there was a point in time when I wanted to quit and I just didn’t think I would ever be here, including injuries and stuff,” Lee said to CNN. “So there are a lot of emotions, but I’m definitely super proud of myself for sticking with it and believing in myself.”

She admits that with Simone Biles dropping out, a lot of pressure was then placed onto her to medal. As the second favorite to win coming into the competition, the spotlight all of the sudden shined bright right on her.

“Knowing that Simone was gone, I feel like people kind of put that pressure on me that I had to come back with a medal. I tried not to think about … (and) just focus on myself and do what I normally do because that’s when I compete the best.”

Commentators and fans alike have noticed Suni’s incredibly calm and stoic demeanor while competing, but even she couldn’t resist the biggest possible smile when she found out she took home gold. With a skill like hers, she’s unlikely to disappear from the spotlight any time soon.

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