WATCH: Sylvester Stallone Goes Back to ‘Starting Line’ Returning to Place He Wrote First ‘Rocky’ Movie

by Katie Maloney

It’s always cool to hear about how a celebrity got their start. Well, Sylvester Stallone is taking that to a whole new level.

He’s bringing fans along to the exact place that started it all for him. He recently shared a video on Instagram. During the video, Sylvester Stallone is parked outside a beige apartment building with bright orange window accents. But this isn’t any old building, this is the building where Stallone wrote the screenplay for the original Rocky. Clearly, Stallone was feeling nostalgic because he recorded a video talking about the throwback moment.

“This is kind of interesting. I was downtown Hollywood, working on the final pass at Rocky IV with Dolby. And I happened to be driving back and this is a very interesting place. Because this is where I wrote Rocky one. “Right there in that window,” said Stallone with a laugh filled with nostalgia. “And here we are. Back again after all these years.”

Then in true Rocky fashion, Stallone adorably talked to the building.

“Hello building, it all turned out okay,” he said as he made the okay sign with his hands.

Along with the video, Stallone shared a photo of himself as a young man writing his screenplay for Rocky. He captioned the post with, “Sometimes it’s very interesting to go back to the ‘Starting Line’ and remember when the big race began. For me, it was buckling down, and setting my mind to a task that far exceeded all my dreams and expectations. I must thank you all for that. This is why you must never stop Punching , Sly.”

Didn’t Sylvester Stallone Already Star In Rocky IV?

Dedicated Stallone fans may be a little confused by the above video. Stallone talks about working on “the final pass” of Rocky IV. But Stallone starred in Rocky IV over three decades ago in 1985. Rocky IV is one of the iconic installments in the Rocky franchise. It features plenty of infamous training montages and highlights the political vibes of the Cold War. The movie follows Sylvester Stallone as Rocky again as he takes on Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and gets revenge for Drago killing Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). It was a great movie that Sylvester Stallone fans love. So, why is Sly talking about making Rocky IV?

No, Stallone isn’t remaking the movie but he is reviving it. He’s releasing a new version of the film – Rocky IV director’s cut. The new version will include extra footage of Apollo and Drago’s fight. Additionally, the new release will exclude the scenes with Paulie’s infamous robot. There’s no word on an exact release date for the new cut of the film. But Sylvester Stallone fans now have something else to look forward to in the Rocky franchise.