Watch: Ted Nugent Discusses Turning Down Drugs from Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi

by Thad Mitchell

Discussing political issues with reporters, rocker Ted Nugent recalls a time in which he said “no” to drugs. In fact, he turned down several major celebrities when offering him illegal substances.

The video, titled “Ted Nugent Talks to the Liberal Media,” shows a reporter asking the music icon a question of drug regulations.

“I had an interesting conversation with this young member of the liberal media and his iPhone,” Nugent says. “We debate drugs and guns. I had to ask him if he ever held a bass player in your arms and cried and pulled the needle from his arm. I have. I’ve had conversations with Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, Keith Moon, and many many more.”

The young reporter asks Nugent his thoughts on drug control and other political issues.

“One thing I got from you tonight is that drugs are bad because they kill people,” the reporter says. “So therefore they should regulate, right?”

Nugent collects his thoughts and then answers the question, saying he thinks people should be able to self regulate.

“I would like to think we should have the freedom to self-regulate,” the legendary rocker says. “But when we fail to self regulate then neighbors should step in and that’s where policies originally come in. Neighbors see catastrophic results from failed choices and priorities.”

Nugent Compares Drugs to Matches

Nugent compares the situation to warning a child to stay away from matches.

“You teach your children not to play with matches because too many children get burned,” he says. “We don’t need to make a law to not play with matches.”

With the reporter recording Nugent’s words, the rock star then shared some of his personal stories of drug use amongst his friends.

“The people who think getting high in a victimless crime, they are too stupid to know about all the victims,” he says. “I told John Belushi, ‘you’re going to die’ and ‘this (drug) is going to kill you.’ I told Keith Moon, ‘No I don’t want your beer because it’s going to kill you.’ I told Jimi Hendrix, ‘No I don’t want that because it’s going to kill you.’ I can go on and on.”

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