Tim Allen Asks ‘Last Man Standing’ Fans ‘What’s Your Favorite Mike Baxter Moment?’

by Jon D. B.

With a strong outcry, Tim Allen is getting hundreds of responses from fans towards his latest Twitter request. As Tim Allen’s hit sitcom comes to a close with Season 9, the star is asking “Last Man Standing” fans for their favorite moments with his “Dad of all trades,” Mike Baxter.

“What’s your favorite Mike Baxter moment?” the comedy icon asks his followers on the social media platform. Allen includes a montage of classic Mike Baxter moments in his tweet, as well, which you can view below. As for fan responses – they’re not disappointing the star.

“Last Man Standing” fan Sonia Carsoso replies to Allen with: “I loved the Halloween episode where the Baxter family dressed as each other. Your sneaky plan to have them insult each other worked!”

Fan McWeen echoes this, responding: “Halloween episode where everyone dressed as each other.”

Many “Last Man Standing” viewers are also expressing their sadness amongst the show coming to an end after nine seasons. “So many best moments, I always would get a laugh from the Internet Video posting Mike would do too. Really bummed to see the show ending,” says Mark Keefer in response to Tim Allen. “Why do the best shows end and we get stuck with so much crap TV like fake reality shows and talking heads. We need shows that make us laugh.”

Your fellow Outsiders couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Keefer. Watch “Last Man Standing”‘s Mike Baxter montage below, then relive several more top moments from the show with us from fans:

Best “Last Man Standing” Moments According to Top Fans

Tim Allen follower Marcia Jenkins also furthers Keefer’s sentiments. “C’mon, there is NOT just one favorite Mike Baxter moment,” she says of the character. “Every one of them are GREAT moments. I hate seeing this is the last season, breaks my heart, that the Baxter’s, won’t be around anymore! I’ve watched every episode, since day one. Y’all made me laugh, cry. Will miss you.”

Moreover, fan Michael Callaghan adds that his favorite Baxter moment comes “When Mike was cleaning the old musket and Vanessa was worried that Boyd could hurt himself. Mike’s explanation of how that might happen was awesome.”

Fan Dawn M. Brendle, however, gets bonus points for including a hilarious clip from “Last Man Standing” as her favorite moment:

What a character. What a sitcom. What a run. All of us at Outsider.com will miss one of our favorite shows, too. Thanks for all the memories, Tim Allen!

“Last Man Standing” fans won’t miss Allen for long, however. The star is set to return to television after the finale with “Assembly Required” on History Channel. The trailer for the series just dropped, too – which you can view here.

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