WATCH: ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill Belts ‘Dust My Broom,’ Plucks Bass in Rare Video of 1980 Performance

by Jonathan Howard

The news of Dusty Hill’s passing today hit the music world hard. Social media has been filled with well-wishes, memories, thoughts, prayers, and more from fans and peers alike. There has been an outpouring of support from various musicians. Hill and ZZ Top would give some special performances to eager audiences outside their usual repertoire of songs.

Throughout all the messages and posts, some great performances surfaced. ZZ Top played all over the world with all kinds of acts. The popularity of the band surpasses that of just the music industry. Movies, television, and more featured the band. With their iconic beards and guitars, ZZ Top is one of the most recognizable bands to ever exist.

The band played their hits likely hundreds of times. There is no counting the number of times that ZZ Top played Sharp Dressed Man, Legs, Gimme All Your Lovin’, and Tush as well as other hits. However, the band always stayed true to their blues roots and if you found yourself at a show you would likely hear something special from Dusty Hill and company.

For some fans, that happened at a rarely seen show from 1980. The band was playing a show and decided to get a little spicy with their set. Dusty Hill stepped up to the microphone and gave fans a very rare performance.

ZZ Top Performs ‘Dust My Broom’

Dust My Broom is an old blues song that has been performed by so many over the decades. The song has a credited writer, but it isn’t necessarily accurate. However, on this night in1980, Dusty Hill made it his song. Being a blues song, the lyrics are not always exactly the same, and Hill and ZZ Top made it their own.

“I’m gonna get up in the morning, I believe I’ll dust my broom,” Hill opens up. Billy Gibbons keeps the guitar chugging along with the bluesy cords and notes directing the song. Frank Beard does what he does best on the drums and the beat is just a simple one and two with the snare keeping it all on track. Gibbons tears into a guitar solo halfway through the song and Hill comes back in with a big “I believe!”

There is no denying the greatness of ZZ Top. Truly one of the best to ever exist, from the style to the voices, and everything else in between. Dusty Hill could play with the best and was one of the best. Over the course of decades, they remained important figures in pop culture and inspired generations of musicians and fans.

At the age of 72, Hill passed away Wednesday afternoon. The band was on tour when Hill became ill. ZZ Top canceled multiple shows, and it will remain to be seen if they remain on the road.