‘Wheel of Fortune’: Boys II Men Discuss Why They’re Super Fans of the Show

by Chase Thomas

Who doesn’t love to watchWheel of Fortune? Well, Boys II Men are no different as the group confirmed today that they are gigantic fans of the longtime game show.

Wanya Morris said, “I’m such a ‘Wheel’ fan that I have the app on my phone, and I play it, maybe like, three times a week before I go to sleep.”

The duo that formed Boys II Men were there for the “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” tournament of sorts and you could tell they were there not just for the great cause, but also because they are both super fans of the show. We see this across other game shows where celebrities, like normal Americans, love these classic game shows. It is one of the things that bring us together. Shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. They are a fun way to bring us all together, and they can also be rather addicting, as we saw with Morris who spends a lot of time on the app playing the game.

There was a bit of controversy with this episode as Joey Fatone of N’Sync who also competed on the program with the duo faltered late, and fans wondered if the host Pat Sajak had something to do with it.

Controversy on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune?

One Twitter user wrote, “Umm, Pat made a mistake that prompted Joey to say Mark twice. Pat said Morris twice as an example and Joey followed Pat’s example. So, wheel of fortune should add more to Joey’s charity – Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center at UK.”

In an answer where Fatone should have just said Mark once when referring to Mark Wahlberg, the former pop star messed up and said ‘Mark’ twice.

Hosting Celebrity Wheel of Fortune over the last few days has been an experience for Sajak, the long-time host said while talking about working with the celebrities on a recent episode, “We’re having great fun tonight, and my previous job as a cat wrangler has really helped me out in my efforts here tonight.”

Who knew hosting Celebrity Wheel of Fortune could get so complicated at times? Yes, when you’re dealing with folks who are super stoked to be playing a game they grew up watching and idolizing, especially when those folks grow up to become comedians, the “cat wrangler” comparison makes a lot of sense.

Sajak is still the host of Wheel of Fortune, a position he has held since 1981. Like the late Alex Trebek, Sajak is a legend in the game show industry, but even at 75-years-old Sajak is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.