‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Shares Incredible Story About Meeting Prince

by Amy Myers

While past Wheel of Fortune contestants have no doubt had some pretty cool facts about themselves, this competitor’s story might just take the cake. In between puzzles, contestant Desiree revealed that she once danced with Prince, and afterward, he taught her how to play pool.

Color us jealous.

“I was with my fake ID at Glam Slam, his nightclub in downtown L.A., and security came up to me,” the Wheel of Fortune guest said. “I thought they were busting me for my fake ID, but no, it was because Prince wanted to dance with me.”

According to the Prince fan, she and the High Priest of Pop danced to “Rump Shaker” before he taught her how to shoot a cue ball, which is why Desiree still plays pool “very badly.”

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak advised the contestant to write a book about the encounter, but something tells us it wouldn’t be a long enough story. Still, the bewildered host promised to read it if she ever did publish a memoir about her encounter with Prince.

Unfortunately, Desiree didn’t win the round of Wheel of Fortune, but she did win the award for best celebrity meeting ever.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Didn’t Take Long to Solve This ‘Wild’ Puzzle

Meanwhile, Desiree’s competitor, Kevin, managed to take home the win and head to the Bonus Round with a respectable $18,500 in the bank. With a “Living Things” puzzle ahead of him, the Wheel of Fortune champ hoped to add on some extra cash or a new set of wheels to his winnings.

Normally, the answers to Bonus Puzzles are shorter than those in regular play. Since contestants only have ten seconds to solve, it makes sense that the answers are a bit easier to decipher. This time, however, Kevin had a much longer answer before him. Daunting as it was, the Wheel of Fortune competitor made smart decisions with his letters and filled in a few of the gaps on the board.

By the time Kevin gave his additional letters, he had filled in one whole word and given himself a pretty good understanding of what the answer could be. Sajak, unsure if it would be enough to get Kevin to the answer, remarked that he was a skilled solver and had a better chance than most to solve the puzzle.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the Wheel of Fortune host was right.

The millisecond that the clock started, Kevin called out the correct answer, “Jaguars in the Jungle.”

Not only did he win Sajak’s amazement, but he also got to take home a red, shiny Mazda CX-5.