‘Wheel of Fortune’: One Contestant Revealed Why Many Participants Have ‘Trouble’ Spinning Wheel

by Evan Reier

The iconic Wheel of Fortune is something pretty much everyone would love to spin once in their life. The problem is, that first try could be awkward.

That’s what Ryan Cannonie explained to the Tahlequah Daily Press back in 2013, after he had made his appearance on the program. The Northeastern State University graduate detailed several different aspects of the program. But his comments about the wheel itself were especially interesting.

“They told us about the wheel,” Cannonie starts. “How it works, how the show works. We practiced spinning the wheel several times because it is really heavy and made of metal. You have to grab it a certain way in a certain spot. You have to grab it at the top, push it around, then push off.”

So not only is it heavy, but there’s literally a specific technique that is required to spin it the way the show wants. After all, the titular Wheel of Fortune is pretty huge.

Cannonie added a description of the first person to try, and that just about everyone went through the same thing.

“The first person to try to spin it was a young lady who put as much force as she could into it, and it went like three spots – three wedges over. Everybody, the first time we spun it, had a little bit of trouble.”

Cannonie Adds More Info on Wheel of Fortune

While Cannonie’s comments about the spinning of the wheel caught our eye, he also had other info.

For example, a contestant on the show has to pay their way to the taping. However, there is a “parting gift” of $1,000 the show offers to contestants that can cover expenses.

Further, the show allows each contestant to have five guest passes. That being said, on the day of filming, contestants are essentially on lockdown and aren’t even allowed to have their phones.

Cannonie gave additional context to this with his comments on going to the bathroom.

“If we had to go to the bathroom, they would walk us to the bathroom, walk us back. We also went through a bunch of paper work, and all the rules of the game.”