‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Gets Roasted for Botching Two Puzzles with Ridiculous Answers

by Jennifer Shea

One contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” had some nonsensical, off-the-wall answers during the episode that aired Thursday night.

Melanie Fisher of North Carolina came up with some head-scratchers on yesterday’s show. Her most agonizing miss? “Jolly goof fellow.” The correct answer, of course, was, “Jolly good fellow.”

Fisher, who according to Decider had bragged to host Pat Sajak about her 4.0 GPA in college, was apparently no great whiz at the game show. That was not her only oddball guess of the night.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Makes Multiple Goof-Ups

After her first miss, Fisher’s competitor J.R. Browning guessed the right answer and took charge of the game. But Fisher was not done squandering blatant puzzle clues.

Indeed, Fisher followed that up by missing another puzzle. With letters that read “W_l_es and sheep,” Fisher missed the correct answer – “Wolves and sheep” – and instead came up with – wait for it, now – “Wilkes and sheep.”

Yes, you read that right. Whether she had Abraham Lincoln on the brain or was just tossing letters around randomly, Fisher missed yet again.

Social Media Erupts in Laughter

She will clearly not go down in history as the best “Wheel of Fortune” contestant ever. But Fisher was an unintentional hit on social media, where users were cracking up at her random guesses to obvious puzzles.

“I can’t stop laughing,” one viewer tweeted. “No disrespect, but c’mon. ‘Goof Fellow.’ GOOF.”

Another viewer posted little musical notes, and added, “For He’s a Jolly Goof (?) Fellow.”

“OMG THIS SENT ME TO ORBIT,” another Twitter user chimed in about Fisher’s guess.

Fisher’s subsequent goof-up amped up the Twitterverse even more, with users tweeting their bewildered amusement at the contestant’s guesses.

“Is this lady for real?” one viewer wondered. “It’s wolves.”

“WILKES?!?!?!?!” tweeted another viewer in befuddlement.

Despite those misses, and despite missing the final puzzle, Fisher somehow took home $20,000 from the evening. Lucky for her “Wheel of Fortune” doesn’t deduct points for howlingly bad guesses.