‘Wheel of Fortune’: Here’s Why Pat Sajak Once Broke Show’s Rule, Allowed Contestant to Appear Twice

by Emily Morgan

If you get lucky enough to land a spot as a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune,” you only get one chance to make the most of it. However, that all changed when Pat Sajak broke the game show rules and let a former contestant come back on the show.

Tony Harrison got the chance of a lifetime when he became one of the only contestants ever to have a second chance on the show. The show allowed the software project manager to come back on due to a “production issue” that stemmed from his first appearance in 2017.

The One & Only Time a Contestant Got a Second Shot on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

During his second appearance, Sajak made it a point to bring up the fact that Harrison made his second appearance on the beloved game show.

“If Tony looks familiar — this is Tony Harrison, who’s been here before,” Sajak said during the introductions. “We had a little production issue, and in the interests of fairness, we brought Tony back.”

Sajak was referencing Harrison’s first appearance when he won the game and advanced to the bonus round. In the first episode, when Sajak asked Harrison to select a category, Harrison chose “Phrase.” However, there was a glitch in the system, and the phrase that appeared was “What Are You Doing?” As a result, production let Harrison come back for another shot at the wheel.

For his second time around, he did incredibly well. He solved almost every puzzle and finished the game with $93,831 in cash and prizes— not too bad. He also won a trip to Barbados.

Despite impressing viewers, some still questioned why he was allowed to come back.

“I’ve never been on Wheel of Fortune once but Tony gets to be on it twice…” someone wrote on Twitter. Another user wrote, “What kind of loophole did Tony find to get a second run at #WheelOfFortune?”

Yet, some fans didn’t mind, and many commented on his puzzle-solving skills. “Just call him Tony the Terminator. I’ve seen #WheelOfFortune dominance, but wow!! Good for him taking advantage of a second chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity!” one person said.

With two “Wheel of Fortune” appearances under his belt and nearly $100,00 in winnings, Harrison certainly will have bragging rights for the rest of his life.