‘Wheel of Fortune’: How Long Does It Take Show to Film an Episode?

by Jennifer Shea

Every “Wheel of Fortune” episode is a major undertaking, requiring over 1 million pounds of equipment and a different Vanna White outfit per show. But how long does it take to film each episode?

How Long Does It Take to Film a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Episode?

Fans of the show may be surprised to learn this, but host Pat Sajak and White actually only spend four days a month filming. Every other Thursday and Friday, they barrel through production on six shows a day, per Radio.com.

In February 1997, the puzzle board transformed from analog to digital. Since then, it has taken them about 30 minutes to film each individual episode. Before that, it took about an hour to film each show. That was because they had to reset the letter board manually after each puzzle.

Nowadays, the puzzle board boasts 52-touch screen TV monitors turned on their sides. Twelve of them line the top and bottom rows, and 14 line the two middle rows.

What’s more, “Wheel of Fortune” also has a Wheelmobile, a 37-foot Winnebago that crisscrosses the country in search of contestants for the show.  

Controversy Erupts Over Sajak’s Mocking of Speech Impediment

Right now, the show is mired in controversy after Sajak reportedly made fun of contestant Chris Brimble’s lisp. A lisp is a speech impediment that affects the pronunciation of the “s” sound, which usually comes out as a “th” sound instead.

In a conversation with Brimble, Sajak apparently responded with, “Ah, I thee” rather than “I see.”

Brimble laughed, but many on social media were not chuckling. The hashtag “Pat Sajak sucks” appeared on Twitter soon thereafter.

Sajak has also faced criticism for scolding an excited player who interrupted him during a promotional message. And he had to apologize for calling a different contestant “ungrateful” after the contestant second-guessed his own winning answer.