‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Revealed Her Favorite Dress of Thousands Worn on Show

by Evan Reier

When you’ve done a TV show like Wheel of Fortune for nearly 40 years like Vanna White has, you wear a lot of dresses.

In fact, White has famously never worn the same dress twice on the program. When she spoke with InStyle in 2018, that, at the time, amounted to over 6500 dresses. While that number is mind-boggling, it also isn’t surprising.

In that interview, Vanna White explained that her favorite dress wasn’t exactly the greatest, but reminded her of her childhood.

“There’s one that I distinctly remember,” she said. “It’s white and it has pink feathers on the bottom … I don’t know why that particular dress spoke to me. I think it reminded me of a Barbie dress I had when I was 10 years old.”

However, there was one particular hangup.

“It was hard to walk in because there were no slits in it,” Vanna White said. “But that’s OK. I survived.”

All’s well that ends well! For a photo of the dress, head here.

Wheel of Fortune Star Vanna White Speaks on Dresses

With that insane 6500 dresses stat still on the brain, it makes one wonder:

Does Vanna White keep all of her dresses she wears on Wheel of Fortune?

Unfortunately, that’s a no. In fact, she doesn’t really get to keep any.

In an interview with Fox News, White reiterates that she has worn that many dressed, but they don’t get to stick with her.

“Over 6,500 dresses. Never the same one twice,” White said. “Nor do I get to keep them. They have to go back to the designer, but I certainly enjoy wearing them. I’ve gone through all the big styles, [including] the big shoulder pads. You name it, I’ve done it. My favorite dresses happen to be the comfortable ones. A lot of them are so skin-tight and don’t budge. I feel like I’m wearing a corset and I’m walking for 30 minutes in five inch heels. It looks great, but it can be uncomfortable.”

They may not stay in her possession, but she certainly gets to window shop in a way few others can say.