‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Amazingly Solve Clue with Just Four Letters in New Clip

by Jennifer Shea

On “Wheel of Fortune,” some contestants are quicker than others. And some just luck out on the show with a puzzle they happen to know.

Which was the case when a contestant solved a long puzzle with just four letters turned? That’s anybody’s guess. But one thing’s for sure: After the contestant, Mike, answered correctly, he could afford a lot of a certain kind of produce.

Watch Mike amazingly solve the clue with just four letters revealed in this clip:

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Elicits Funny Response from Sajak With Bizarre Answer

Of course, some contestants just miss the mark entirely with their answers, and the show recently featured a comical example of that.

In an episode last month, contestant Matt had taken the lead, racking up $9,900, when he decided to guess the answer to a half-revealed puzzle: “THE N__T __N_R_T__N.”

So Matt buzzed in. And his answer? “The best buttercup.”

Given that Matt’s answer included multiple letters that clashed with the ones that had already been revealed, it was all Sajak could do not to mock him. The “Wheel of Fortune” host instead reacted with understated disbelief.

“Uh, no,” Sajak responded. “Oddly enough, no.”

The answer to the puzzle: “The next generation.”

Watch Matt’s wild guess here:

Vanna White Says Show Has ‘Great Staff and Crew’

While the contestants range from lightning-fast to, well, kind of out-there, Vanna White says she and Sajak can rely on the show’s staff and crew. The show films four days a month, with everyone heading back to the studio for two days back-to-back every other week. And she said it’s always great to see everyone again.

“I can always count on a great staff and crew,” White told Las Vegas Magazine in 2013. “Everyone is always so friendly. We’re like one big family because we’ve worked together for so many years. It’s always fun to go back to the studio and work, because we don’t do it every day—we do it every couple of weeks. So it’s nice to see their smiling faces.”

White added one special hint to future contestants on the show: try to buy vowels. The price of vowels hasn’t changed since the show began, and they tend to help reveal the key to the puzzle. Seems like Mike did a better job of that than Matt.