‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Recent Contestant Solve Bonus Round Puzzle with No Extra Letters

by Emily Morgan

Fans had to pick their jaw off the floor after a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant solved a bonus round puzzle with just four letters. On Thursday, Karen Cunningham was given the category “what you’re wearing.” What followed will shock you.

Given only the letters E-N-E-T, Cunningham then guessed four additional letters. She chose D-M-P-I-F, but unfortunately, none of her guesses popped up on the iconic board.

Left with no other option than to guess a whole phrase and ten seconds on the clock, the pressure was on. Amazingly, in less than three seconds, Cunningham blurted out the correct response: “Jean Jacket.”

After surprising herself and everyone watching, Cunningham won a brand new Ford Edge worth over $30,000.

Before getting deep into the game, Sajak asked Cunningham about her background. “I have lots of titles. First, I’m a wife to my handsome husband, Michael. I’m a mother to five amazing children,” she told Sajak. However, for Cunningham, she says her favorite title is being “a grammy” to her ten grandchildren. In the end, Cunningham walked away with $57,585 in total winnings. Not too shabby.

Miami Teacher Wows Audience With Bonus Round Puzzle on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

However, Cunningham wasn’t the first contestant to have that sort of luck. In February, a Miami teacher found herself in the same situation while trying to win big on “Wheel of Fortune.”

“Wheel” contestant Jessie Rebhan needed also need to solve the Bonus Round puzzle. The only letters she had were N-C-E-R.

“It looks daunting to me,” Sajak said before handing off the three-word answer in the category “What Are You Doing?” to Rebhan. Like Cunningham, Rebhan only had ten seconds to solve.

In a matter of moments, Rebhan stunned everyone when she correctly guessed “Buyin a Juicer.” As a result, she won $37,000, bringing her total winnings on the game show to $52,328. It got better: she also won a vacation to Barbados.

“Of course, it’s an easy one,” Sajak said in response. However, Rebhan’s correct guess was no easy task. According to statistics from the New Republic, less than 40 percent of contestants correctly solve the bonus round puzzle.

“I don’t understand this game!” quipped Sajak, who has seen thousands of contestants try their hand at the wheel in the last 40 years.