‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Tell Story of Seeing Vanna White at Grocery Store Before Trying Out, Getting on Show

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes you just gotta listen to fate. That was what one Wheel of Fortune contestant did and it got her to the show. On a recent episode of the popular game show, Chele, a contestant talked about how she ended up behind the wheel. It was a trip to the grocery store and a surprise meeting.

While Pat Sajak gets plenty of wild stories from contestants this is up there. People think about trying out for the show all the time. Watching from home seems a lot easier than when one is spinning the wheel in front of Sajak and Vanna White. Chele discussed the moment that led to her trying out for the show.

The Wheel of Fortune Instagram page shared the video. With the caption reading “Can you imagine meeting @officialvannawhite … at the grocery store?” the post got fans reacting in the comments. Chele talks about being in the store and seeing a Wheel of Fortune magazine cover. Since she had been thinking about trying out for the show, it seemed like a divine sign from above. However, a moment later the moment got even more divine.

“Well, I was thinking about trying out for Wheel,” Chele started, “I’m deep in thought in line at the grocery store, I look over, see a magazine about Wheel, and I thought, ‘It’s a sign.'” It was when she looked up that she was completely caught by surprise. “Then I hear the checker go, ‘Hi, Vanna.’ Vanna White is right in front of me!” Now, that is quite the sign. “That’s it, I’m trying out,” the contestant concluded.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants & Pat Sajak

While Chele was enamored by Vanna White at the local grocery store, it is Pat Sajak that interacts with the contestants on the show. In between rounds, Sajak asks contestants questions about their lives and interests. While Wheel of Fortune is a rather mundane show sometimes, the contestants get a little excited every once and a while.

Sajak had to recently tell one contestant to “take a breath” after she ran right through a prize puzzle. That contestant won herself a trip to Puerto Rico and got a bit too excited for Pat. Contestants occasionally get excited and mess up puzzles. If you aren’t able to get on the show, you can still get a message or pep talk from Sajak, though.

With the rising popularity in Cameo, Pat decided to get in on the platform hype. Naturally, Sajak joked about the “lack of interest” in his Cameo. The game show host tweeted out, “I joined Cameo, but I’m really disappointed by the response. Thinking about reducing my $8,000 fee.”

Of course, at that price, no one is going to buy a message. After all, it is much more affordable to just run into Vanna White at the local Whole Foods.