‘When Calls the Heart’: Season 8 Premiere Recap

by Katie Maloney

We’ve got all the details on the first episode of When Calls the Heart season eight, in case you missed the premiere on Sunday night.

After nine months without a new episode, When Calls the Heart fans were delighted to watch last night’s season 8 premiere. Season 7 left fans with some cliffhangers, namely the love triangle Elizabeth found herself in with Nathan and Lucas. Fans have been asking for details about when Elizabeth would make her decision. And although she didn’t reveal which man Elizabeth would choose actress, Erin Krakow promises that her character will make a decision this season.

Here’s everything that happened in Hope Valley during last night’s premiere.

A clip from When Calls The Heart Season 8 episode 1.

‘When Calls The Heart’: Everything That Happened During the Season 8 Premiere

It’s springtime in Hope Valley and there’s a sense of renewal. Fiona is embarking on an exciting new chapter in her life and Faith has returned from medical school. However, Elizabeth still seems to be sorting through her feelings for Nathan and Lucas.

In her voiceover, Elizabeth shares that both Lucas and Nathan have been out of town and/or busy lately. She admits that she’s been grateful for the mens’ absence as she’s been able to avoid reflecting on her feelings. But she knows that she has to make a decision soon.

Nathan visits Elizabeth and reminds her of the dinner she agreed to go to with him. He asks her if she’d like to go that night but she declines. Later in the episode, Lucas shows up at Elizabeth’s home. He apologizes for leaving without saying goodbye and explains that he saw her hugging Nathan and became jealous.

Meanwhile, Carson starts to worry about Faith. Faith left medical school in Chicago five days ago and should be back by now. But she ends up returning and she and Carson have a heart-to-heart talk.

Nathan decides to officially adopt Allie after Allie’s father shows up. Allie doesn’t know yet but her father demanded $1,000 from Nathan in order to leave him and Allie alone. Although Nathan has always tried to avoid Lucas, he goes to him to ask for help in coming up with the money for Allie’s father.

Nathan hatches a plan and meets Allie’s father in the woods. We see Allie’s father attack Nathan, take the money and leave. But we’ll have to wait until the next episode of When Calls The Heart to see what happens to Nathan.

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