White House Christmas Decorations: Story of the Holiday Tradition Jackie Kennedy Began in 1961

by Atlanta Northcutt

Even among the political turmoil taking place, the White House has no room for any “bah-humbug” behavior while celebrating the twinkling Yuletide traditions.

Jackie Kennedy Brings Holiday Magic to the White House

Although John F. Kennedy is one of the most famous presidents in American history, his wife and former first lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is just as loved by the public. She’s one of the country’s most classy and tasteful first ladies.

Before the Kennedys entered the White House, decorations were used much more subtly. Small amounts of greenery, garlands, wreaths, and ornaments were hung throughout the house.

Jackie Kennedy begins a holiday tradition while her husband is in office. In 1961, Jackie began decorating the White House in unique Christmas themes.

A large tree in the Blue Room was adorned with ornamental toys, birds, angels, and characters from the “Nutcracker Suite” ballet.

Continuing a Christmas Tradition

The tradition continues each year as the first ladies adds a twist to each theme.

Making for a memorable holiday experience for visitors. The public takes a tour, viewing approximately 10 rooms. Unique embellishments are filling the house. The Christmas tree in the Blue Room stands tall.

Coleen Christian Burke is a renowned interior decorator. She is a former member of the White House decorating team.

“The entire house is steeping in history,” Burke tells Fox anchor Kacie McDonnell. “You are feeling anyone who’s come before you, and you have hope for anyone coming after.”

President Trump & First Lady Melania’s Last Christmas

Although President Donald Trump and first lady Melania will be spending their final Christmas in the White House, a theme is still being celebrated this year. The focus is on “America the Beautiful.”

The People’s House and its’ property is traditional and will be full of sparkling trees, stars and ornaments which appear to be created by children.

“A tribute to the majesty of our great Nation” is the focus of the theme. “We celebrate this land we are all proud to call home,” writes Trump on Twitter.

“Christmas at the White House is really, really magical because it’s one of those feel-good moments where we will put politics aside and see what’s best in America,” says Burke.

“I think if you take a little bit of that White House magic, and bring it to your own house, you will also be having a happy holiday,” she says.