Why ‘NCIS’ Fans Are Taking a Moment to Just Be ‘Grateful’ for the Show

by Anna Dunn

NCIS fans are taking a moment to just be grateful for the show. One fan wrote about the impressive impact NCIS has on them vs other shows in the same genre. While lots of fan spaces focus on the negative, the group of fans in one Reddit thread decided to focus on the positive.

Unlike a lot of other shows, the way NCIS establishes its characters really sticks out to fans. It’s what makes character departures so hard.

“I realized that what NCIS does best is it creates an emotional connection to you and the characters, they don’t just dump a lot of backstory on you a few episodes before it becomes relevant, they just drop little things you didn’t know about every character. It’s like getting to know someone in real life, it takes time but eventually, you know each other as people more and more,” a fan wrote in a Reddit thread called “I’m feeling grateful for NCIS today.”

“I feel like no other show especially a crime drama has been able to make those kinds of emotional connections unless its something inherently sad. But anyways I’m just glad that NCIS stirs up the emotions it does because it really is one of a kind.” the fan finished.

NCIS has been on air since 2003, giving it plenty of time to establish lovable and complex characters. While a lot of the original actors have left, fans are grateful that the show has given what it has.

Fans Appreciate the ‘Family Element’ given to NCIS Characters

In response, other fans chimed in about how well the show establishes its characters and why that makes it so hard when they wind up leaving.

“I feel NCIS has a real family element to it and I think the hardest season for me to watch is season 10 because from season 3 to season 10 there was only one cast change,” one fan wrote. Another fan also mentioned the family aspect.

“I find that NCIS evokes emotions of ‘real family”–those people in our lives that have you back always and tell you the truth in a way you can handle. I think of the episode where they came together to help [Jimmy} Palmer,” another person mentioned.

The show works because the characters also have strong bonds with each other, raising the emotional stakes.

Now, as the show heads into its 19th season, a ton has changed. Gibbs actor Mark Harmon is taking on a reduced role and Ziva and Dinozzo are no longer a part of the show. Still, the show remains the most popular scripted drama in the world. If you want to catch new episodes of NCIS, you can tune in to CBS every Monday night at 9/8 Central.