Why William Shatner Is ‘Terrified’ To Go Into Space

by Jon D. B.

Only half-joking, Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, says his terror over going to space “comes and goes like a summer cold.”

In some moments, it’s a “fire of terror.” In others, it’s a “miracle.” Either way, James T. Kirk is going to space. For real this time.

Which, of course, means William Shatner is leaving Earth’s atmosphere to experience the great beyond as the non-fictional man behind the science fiction icon.

So how does he feel about it? “I’m terrified.”

“I’m Captain Kirk, and I’m terrified going to space,” said the self-aware living legend on Thursday at New York Comic Con. “You know, I’m not really terrified. Yes I am. It comes and goes like a summer cold.”

But where, exactly, does this terror stem from?

“You have three minutes to look into the abscess of space and the beauty of this oasis of Earth, and I was planning on pressing my nose against the window, you know? And my only hope was I wouldn’t see somebody else looking back,” PEOPLE reports Shatner explaining with a laugh.

Either way, William Shatner is set to finally see space for real at 90-years-old. He’ll do so aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin New Shepard NS-18 on October 12, 2021.

“I’m going to space. I’m going what? Where am I going?” Shatner continues, poking fun at both the flurry of media attention and his own age. Yet there’s no denying William Shatner is a remarkably spry 90-year-old.

Spry-or-no, though, Shatner will still be the oldest man ever to leave Earth and enter space in all of mankind’s history.

William Shatner Will Be the ‘Oldest Guy in Space’

“So [Jason] came to me about a year and a half ago and he said, you know, they’re starting to send these rockets up with people into space,” Shatner explains of his friend and Better Late Than Never producer, Jason Ehrlich. “Wouldn’t it be something if Captain Kirk went up there? And I said, ‘Jason, for God’s sakes, man, nobody cares about Captain Kirk going up into space. You know, it was 55 years ago, by God, man!’ “

Ehrlich was eventually able to convince his friend to make the journey, however.

“He continued to sell me on the idea and bless his soul… Blue Origin is the idea,” Shatner cites of Bezos’ aerospace company.

And after a full year of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, William Shatner is finally – really – going to space.

“All right, how would you like to go up? You’ll be the oldest guy in space,” the icon recalls of his first conversation about true space-flight.

“I’m bloody Captain Kirk, for God’s sake!” Shatner exclaimed in response to this “oldest guy” moniker.

Whatever you choose to call him, William Shatner will blast off from Blue Origin’s Launch Site One in West Texas come October 12. He’ll do so with Audrey Powers, the company’s VP of Mission and Flight Operations who is, sadly, not Vulcan.