‘Wicked Tuna’ Star Dave Marciano Teases ‘Big Things Coming’ in Slo-Mo Video from Boat

by Amy Myers

No one is more excited about the latest season of Wicked Tuna than Captain Dave Marciano and the Hard Merchandise crew. As one of the starring fishermen on the show, Marciano puts just about every ounce of blood, sweat and tears into his time on the Atlantic. And from his latest update on Twitter, it seems all that hard work is paying off.

Earlier, on August 16, Marciano posted a slow-motion video from his vessel. In the clip, one of his crew members stood in bare feet grabbing baitfish from the cooler and throwing them off the side of the boat. Meanwhile, a chopper hovered nearby, making a ton of odd mechanical noises in the slowed-down clip. It’s not the best piece of cinematography to ever grace the social media channel.

For the most part, the clip is focused on the helicopter and not his crewmate. And with the slow-motion, it’s hard to tell what exactly we should be focusing on. But then again, that’s why Marciano is a Wicked Tuna captain – not a cameraman.

In Marciano’s caption, he wrote, “#wickedtuna #season11 #thatsawrap #bigthingscoming early 2022.”

He finished the text with a slew of “hang loose” and trophy emojis. Whether that means Marciano snagged the win for the latest Wicked Tuna season, we’ll just have to find out. Fingers crossed we see the Hard Merchandise crew haul in some wicked big tuna.

Captain Marciano Reveals What Makes ‘Wicked Tuna’ the ‘Best in the Business’

While the stars of Wicked Tuna obviously deserve endless praise for their tough jobs and unwavering dedication to the trade, the film team behind the scenes deserves a little recognition, too.

One fan of the show commented on Marciano’s recent tweet, inquiring about the helicopter overhead.

“You going to use the chopper to take your line out?” the fan asked genuinely.

While it would surely make the Wicked Tuna captains’ jobs easier to utilize aerial support for their casts, Marciano assured that this wasn’t the case.

“Ummm no we use them to get the real cool birds eye point of view,” Marciano replied. “It’s what makes #wickedtuna the best in the business.”

Once again, he finished the comment with a round of trophies and hang-loose hands.

Marciano’s gratitude for the show’s camera crew is an echo of what he has stated before about the show. Previously, in an interview with Boston Magazine, Marciano explained that the show’s depiction of life on the water is actually quite accurate. The only aspect Marciano hoped that production would improve was the amount of downtime the fishermen have between big catches. Besides that, it seems the Wicked Tuna captain is just as happy to be on the show as he ever was.