‘Wicked Tuna’: Doghouse Faces Off In Battle of Wills Against Giant Catch

by Amy Myers

When this Wicked Tuna crew squares up against a “crazy, smart fish,” they have to pull out all of their best moves to bring it in. Britton Shackelford and the Doghouse crew struck gold when they found two bluefins on the other end of their lines. While this is an extremely rare and lucky circumstance, it can also be one of the hardest situations to navigate for both the crew and captain.

As deep-sea anglers know, with enough friction, anything can break through your fishing line. So, when you have two fish fighting to break free, your first priority is ensuring that those lines don’t cross. Rarely do these lucky captains actually bring in both fish, as eventually, you have to focus all of your energy on spearing, gaff hooking and hauling one of the at least 200-pound fish.

However, with good guidance and even better judgment, the captain can bring home a huge victory.

That’s exactly what happened for the Doghouse crew in a recent battle with a bluefin. On Twitter, Wicked Tuna shared the difficult fight that resulted in a hefty paycheck for the team. In the clip, fans can see the kinds of quick decisions that Shackelford and his crew had to make in order to secure their 83-inch-long catch.

Watch what happens below.

At first, the Wicked Tuna stars had fish on both of their lines in the water, and each bluefin tried desperately to escape. Eventually, the crew made the smart decision to focus their efforts on just one of the crafty catches. At one point, the tuna even lept “clear out of the water” before it began quickly approaching the vessel.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Crew Made One Crucial Decision That Led to Victory

Throughout the entire time that the Doghouse crew fought with the bluefin, Shackelford remained at the wheel, twisting and turning the boat so that the tuna wouldn’t drag underneath. This is one of the hardest parts of the catch as the fish draws closer, as they can easily cut the line on the propeller. However, through clear communication with his team, Shackelford navigated the fish’s movements with ease, and they were able to bring the catch onboard.

“It’s not a huge fish, but it’s another paycheck and another tuna to pull us into the lead,” the Wicked Tuna captain said.

Despite the Doghouse crew’s impressive skills while reeling in the fish, the most important decision of the day came before the team even sank their hooks into the water. Following his victory, Shackelford mentioned that earlier in the day, his team followed the rest of the Wicked Tuna vessels in their search for bluefin.

However, sensing that there wouldn’t be much success in the large group, the Doghouse carved out a path of its own. And, as was clear with their 83-inch-long catch, the risk was worth the reward.

“The decision to move away from the fleet paid off,” the Wicked Tuna captain reflected.