‘Wicked Tuna’: Watch Fishin’ Frenzy Battle Giant Waves in Epic Fight to Get a Bite

by Amy Myers

How far are you willing to go to get that big catch? For the cast of Wicked Tuna, no seas are too rough to chase after a herd of bluefins. High winds, huge waves and impossibly strong currents are worth the battle as long as the crews can reel in a hefty catch. And if they come home empty-handed, they’re ready to try again every day after until the season ends. When fighting such extreme conditions, the job can definitely be discouraging. But when you have nerves of steel like these anglers, no challenge is too tough.

While crews like Fishin’ Frenzy are persistent, they don’t have a death wish. So, even when you see them motoring across the Atlantic in the pouring rain amidst four-foot waves, they are still making sure that safety is their number one priority. After all, you need as many crew members as you can get to bring in the big bucks. That said, a usual workday on a Wicked Tuna vessel is definitely no walk in the park.

Recently, the show posted a clip of the Fishin’ Frenzy crew battling wind, weather and water to reel in a huge bluefin. From how much the boat rocks, it’s amazing that the stars are even able to keep their balance, let alone man the rods.

‘Wicked Tuna’ Crew’s Battle Ends in Devastating Loss

As Wicked Tuna Captain Greg Mayer explains in the clip, the team likes to fish amid temperature breaks in the water. Temperature breaks occur when a warm current and cold current come together. Fish tend to follow the change in temperature to their happy medium. According to Fishing Status, bluefins typically like to stay between 60 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, with the collision of warm and cold currents also comes rougher conditions. Because of the stark contrast in temperature, anglers experience larger waves, stronger currents and lots of fog, making it hard to maintain a good grip on the rod. Still, the Fishin’ Frenzy crew continued to hunker down on their spot in the temperature break and fought with Mother Nature to bring in a bluefin. Second mate Jason Futch describes the conditions as “hunting buffalo with a blindfold.”

While Mayer steers the boat and keeps the crew in the hotspot, his first and second mates let out the line. Once they have the fish on the hook, they begin to reel it in. After a game of give-and-take, it seems like the Wicked Tuna stars’ efforts will finally pay off. Then they hear the dreaded snap.

Just like that, the gigantic fish is gone.

Futch estimated that the bluefin was only 200 feet away from the boat. Still, at the very least, the Wicked Tuna crew knew that they were in a good spot to find more fish.