‘Wonder Years’ Reboot Adding ‘Heels’ Star in Recurring Role: Report

by Anna Dunn

The Wonder Years reboot has added a new person to the cast in a recurring role. Allen Maldonado, who starred in Heels, will play Coach Long, a friendly man who takes his role as a coach very seriously. His son Tony is also a part of the team.

Maldonado joins a truly impressive cast and has quite the resume himself. He currently has a role on Heels, but he’s also been on Black-ish, The Last O.G, and Sneakerheads. He seems thrilled for the role, posting about it on Instagram.

“That part. #Maldonadoiseverywhere era begins now! You have been warned!” he joked.

‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot Follows a Different Family in the Same Era

The Wonder Years reboot should have the same charm and style as the original but comes with a new setting. The original Wonder Years starred Fred Savage as a young teenager named Kevin Arnold as he grows up during the tumultuous late 60s. In its first year, the show won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The Wonder Years was told through the perspective of an adult Kevin narrator, making the story unique in its perspective. With its interesting ways of approaching growing up, The Wonder Years is a show many still cherish.

The reboot, which sees Fred Savage on a team of producers and directing for the series, takes a new approach. Instead of following Kevin and his family, it’ll follow a black family in Montgomery, Alabama during the same time period. The main character isn’t Kevin Arnold, but 12-year-old Dean Williams.

But it’ll still follow all the struggles that come with growing up. The show is written by Saladin Patterson and is inspired by his actual childhood. Not to mention, the narrator, an adult Dean Williams… is played by Don Cheadle. So for many, this reboot sounds awesome.

Fred Savage Surprised Elijah ‘EJ’ Williams With The Starring Role

In an adorable video of a zoom call, Fred Savage surprised Elijah Williams with the part.

“We got you on this Zoom because we wanted to welcome you to the family,” Savage said, “And tell you that it’s your turn to be the star of The Wonder Years.”

William’s reaction was absolutely priceless.

“I would be enjoying this a lot more if you did not just lag,” He joked. But clearly, the young actor was choked up.

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve prepared for this thing,” Williams said. “You guys have made my day. First… I get out of school early!”

You can watch the adorable post below:

“We found our guy!!!” Fred Savage wrote in the caption.

If you’re excited to see the show, don’t worry. It’s only a few months away. The Wonder Years reboot will premiere on ABC on September 22nd, 2021.