‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Looks Back at ‘Tin Cup’ on Movie’s Anniversary with Glorious Photos

by Megan Molseed

Twenty-five years ago today Kevin Costner fans were treated to what would soon be another one of the “Yellowstone” stars most iconic roles.

In the 1996 film, “Tin Cup,” Costner portrays a former golfing prodigy Roy McAvoy.

The character, who, let’s face it, Costner plays to a “tee,” is leading a fairly aimless life. McAvoy spends his days performing golf tricks for cash at the driving range he now manages. When not hitting balls with the customers, Roy McAvoy spends his time drinking the nights away with buddies. Primarily Romeo, portrayed by the always enjoyable, Cheech Marin.

Tin Cup’s Most Memorable Moments

Kevin Costner’s spot-on portrayal of the lonely athlete who yearns for another moment in the spotlight leads to some of the movie’s most famous scenes. And, the longtime actor was happy to share memories of a few of these moments in a recent Twitter post.

“25 years ago today we shared #TinCup with the world,” the “Yellowstone” star wrote in the Monday afternoon post. “Is this a special one to you?”

Yes. These photos are just fine for us, Kevin Costner! They are certainly some of the best moments in the “Yellowstone” star’s unforgettable film!

The “Yellowstone” Ranch is Nothing Like The Golf Course

In the popular 1996 film, Costner decides at the last minute to try out for the US Open to go up against the film’s antagonist David Simms who is portrayed by Don Johnson. The two played together in high school and their reunion on the course reminds the two why they were never really buddies, to begin with.

Of course, there is a girl involved in the mix as well. David Simms’ girlfriend, Molly (Renee Russo) becomes a love interest for Roy.

In Costner’s Monday afternoon Tweet, he shares four specific photos. And, any fan of the film remembers the scenes as if they were yesterday.

Two of the photos featured in the August 16 tweet feature Kevin Costner’s Roy McAvoy at certain points in the film when he is still establishing his goals. One features the laissez-faire attitude that ultimately moves the golfer to make bets that he can sink the shot using almost anything other than a golf club.

The other two photos shared by the “Yellowstone” star bring back the best moments from the iconic film. When McAvoy makes the drop, choosing a path that will likely change his life forever.

This memory takes fans back as Roy McAvoy is facing the 72nd hole in the US Open. He faces a decision – go for the layup and risk losing, or go for the win and try to make the green in two.

This is what the movie is about, after all. The choice to either live life to the fullest, embracing the risks, or take the safe route. And, of course, McAvoy who is going for a championship as well as the girl, chooses the risk. With amazing results.

The “Yellowstone” star’s portrayal is still one of our favorites.