‘Yellowstone’: Take a Full Photo Tour Around the Ranch

by Caroline Bynum

Paramount’s Yellowstone is famous for its jaw-dropping plot and stunning scenes on Dutton Ranch. The location of the show and its upcoming fourth season all take place on one Montana ranch. Chief Joseph Ranch‘s classic white barns and breath-taking views make it a perfect spot for the beautiful series.

The ranch, homesteaded in the 1880s and originally called The Shelton Ranch, takes reservations for guests to stay on the historic Western site. As their website’s homepage puts it, “With Trapper Peak framing your sunsets and the Bitterroot River Valley at your doorstep, we are proud to welcome you to the perfect Montana getaway. “

Yellowstone Season 4 Filming Now

The ranch announced the commencement of filming on August 21. They have been sure to stay safe through the Covid-19 pandemic and are following proper protocol to ensure a successful fourth season for fans.

Many fans commented on the post, thanking the ranch and the show’s team members for showing their dedication to fans by creating the series amidst the crazy times. One user wrote, “Rad! Thanks to the entire team for all the sacrifices so we can take refuge with the Dutton’s on the Ranch. Can not wait for Season 4 to air.” Another wrote, similarly, “Thank you for making this possible for all the tv screens watching the greatest tv show in the world.”

While more episodes aren’t expected to release until late June, images of the property can give fans a taste of Paramount’s Yellowstone. As the team films season four, Chief Joseph Ranch seems to hold the answers to viewers’ burning questions.

Classic White Barns

The ranch posted an image of the iconic white barns to Instagram to ring in the new year.

An Instagram posted by Yellowstone shows the famous large white cabin, with the hashtag #BunkhouseBoys. The image looks nearly identical to an image posted months before by to ranch’s Instagram, wishing followers a Happy Thanksgiving.

The mountains, white barn, and even the blue truck are all in this near-identical picture by Chief Joseph Ranch, as well.

Other Filming Locations on Chief Joseph Ranch

They post sites from all around the land, including this large field with rolling hills in the back.

The Bitterroot River borders the property, giving visitors to the ranch a mile to fish on.

On the Chief Joseph Ranch site, they explain the location was chosen as a “cold call.” Surprisingly, they did not have the site listed as a film location. In addition, they list locations on the ranch that are visible in the series. These include the lodge great room, kitchen, back porch, front porch, helipad, and yard. They serve as Rip/Casey’s cabin, Lee’s cabin, Trapper’s cabin, and Rip’s boyhood home. Additionally, the Montana ranch is the set for the armory, woods, cemetery, barns, corrals, bunkhouse, fields, and scenes along the Bitterroot River.

How To Visit the Yellowstone Filming Location

Due to Yellowstone season four’s production, there has been a limit to the much-wanted reservations. With the reservation limitation and increased demand due to show popularity, Chief Joesph Ranch is completely booked in 2020 and 2021. The website explains that because Yellowstone’s filming for 2022 is not yet set, more reservations can not be made. Though fans wanting to stay on the beautiful ranch are encouraged to continue checking the website for updates.