‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Shows Love to Team That ‘Make Me Look Like Beth’ in Eye-Catching New Pic

by Katie Maloney

Kelly Reilly shares a gorgeous Instagram photo while hyping the next season of Yellowstone.

Whether she’s wearing one of her iconic floral flowy dresses and cowgirl boots, or in her birthday suit holding a glass of wine in a trough full of water, Kelly Reilly is always stunning as Beth in Yellowstone. Now, she’s thanking her team for keeping her onscreen ready while on the show. In a recent Instagram post, Reilly shared a photo from her shoot with GQ.

Along with the photo, she wrote, “GQ thank you for the love @gqitalia . And my friend the brilliant @emersonmiller for the photos! My wonderful YS family @timmuir801, @abnergold and @johnettaboone who make me look like Beth🐍 (this was an interview for @yellowstone s3 that’s just arriving around the world ) enjoy!”

Kelly Reilly Asks What’s The “Ultimate End Goal” For Beth on Yellowstone

For an actress whose character has been through some of the darkest moments on the show, Reilly is asking if happiness is possible for Beth. During an interview, Kelly talked about conversations she’s had with the show’s writer.

“I think it’s one that I ask Taylor [Sheridan] constantly, ‘Where’s the end?’ said Reilly. “As an actor, especially one that’s been put through hell and back with a character like Beth, I was like, ‘What’s the end game?'”

Kelly then shared some moving thoughts about happiness in general. Is happiness fleeting? Or is it an end goal that we’re all striving for?

“But it’s an interesting question with any character. Is happiness something that is an ultimate end goal? Or is it something that kind of… there are moments of it in all our lives and days and… it doesn’t last. It’s like you touch it and you don’t try and hold on to it,” said Reilly.

Regardless of the “end goal,” we are looking forward to seeing how each character gets there. Yellowstone season four is set to stream this Summer.