‘Yellowstone’ TV: Beth Dutton Declares’ Money Is My Drug’ in Unforgettable Scene

by Katie Maloney

Yellowstone shares a video clip of Beth Dutton declaring that she’s a brand new woman and that money is her new drug of choice.

Whether she’s defending her family’s land, cutting down overly confident men, or simply playing with anyone who gets in her way, Beth Dutton has a way with words. During a scene from Season 2 of Yellowstone, Beth declares that she’s a changed woman. She say’s “It’s a brand new me. Money is my new drug.”

Yellowstone shared a clip from the scene on Instagram. Along with the video, they wrote, #YellowstoneTV” along with money emojis.

Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Played A Heroin Addict in A Movie With Denzel Washington

Before she landed the role as Beth Dutton on Yellowstone, Kelly Reilly starred in several other films and series, including the 2012 film Flight. In Flight, Reilly plays Nicole, an addict who helps Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) navigate his own addiction after he crash-lands a passenger jet. During an interview, Reilly shared how she prepared for the role.

“I did need to learn about heroin. I knew nothing about what it does to you physically or how powerful it is,” said Reilly.

She said that she wanted to play Nicole in the film to break stereotypes about people struggling with drug addictions.

“There are all these stereotypes of heroin addicts being junkies or dropouts or people who we shouldn’t care about,” said Reilly. “I just thought that can’t be true. They’re somebody’s son or daughter, they’re human beings. They’re just lost. That is something John [Gatins] got in his script. I really wanted to play that rather than the stereotype of the heroin addict.”

Flight grossed $31 million during its opening weekend at the box office. Additionally, Denzel Washington was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor.

Some would probably say that Beth Dutton could certainly cut down on the booze. However, the Yellowstone star seems to have evaded any drug habits on the show.