‘Yellowstone’ TV: Costume Designer Reveals How They Crafted John Dutton’s Wardrobe Off Classic Westerns

by Katie Maloney

How did Yellowstone‘s John Dutton’s classic look come to be? We’ve got the insider scoop.

Yellowstone recently released a video from their costume designer, Ruth E. Carter. During the video, Carter gives viewers a tour of the costume trailer where all of the clothes for cast members are housed. Carter said that to create the characters’ signature looks, she combined a number of different elements.

“Cowboys wear western wear but they wear it with a little bit more of an urban flair. A little bit of a hip-hop flair. We’re combining a lot of things. The old west meets the new west,” said Carter.

She showed fans a few items from Kevin Costner’s John Dutton looks.

“We made him the old-style 70s ski coat which was popular amongst the western dress,” said Carter pulling the orange and brown jacket that has become a signature for the character.

Carter also pulled another jacket from the rack – Kayce Dutton’s coat.

“We have one clean and we have several that are dirty,” said Carter. “Things just kind of go through a process of aging and breaking down.”

She said that she uses clothing from a real rancher as inspiration for the costumes they make.

“It’s all eaten up here and down here,” said Carter as she shows a jacket that was donated by a real rancher. “We use his stuff as an example of how to fade things out and how the realism can be displayed on the new stuff.”

Carter says that her team was especially particular when it came to Rainwater’s clothing for Yellowstone.

“Montana-based Native Americans do more beadwork,” said Carter. “You’ll see a war bonnet that Rainwater wears. We had it specifically beaded across the band in the Crow style.”

Ruth E. Carter reveals the secrets behind John Dutton’s outfits and all Yellowstone costumes.

Fans Love The Clothing From Yellowstone, Especially John Dutton’s Jacket

During an interview, Kevin Costner revealed that he and Yellowston’s John Dutton have something in common: they both hate wearing suits.

“I’ve never wanted to wear a tie in my life. To this day, I’m not comfortable in suits,” said Costner. “There’s nothing about it that I like. A western is something I can crawl into so much easier.”

Countless Yellowstone fans agree that they’d take a nice Carhartt jacket over a suit any day. This is why some fans who watched the above video may have been disappointed to hear that John Dutton’s classic orange and brown ski jacket was custom made. No, it’s not readily available to buy online. However, that hasn’t stopped dedicated (and handy) fans. In fact, countless fans have started selling their own custom-made jackets in the style of John Dutton’s Yellowstone look.

In conclusion, now anyone can join Kevin Costner in trading their suits for a John Dutton old-style western jacket.