ZZ Top Fans Mourn the Passing of Dusty Hill at 72: ‘A Major Loss’

by Jonathan Howard

The music world lost an iconic person with the passing of ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill. The ZZ Top bassist passed at the age of 72 passed Wednesday. It was announced that Hill passed away at his home in Houston, TX. The band was scheduled to perform, albeit without Dusty, in South Carolina but has canceled that show.

The band has been performing since 1969. With so many iconic songs and singles, their music has touched a large swath of fans across generations.

When someone has been a fixture in pop culture over the course of almost six decades, their death can impact fans in a very personal way. Dusty Hill and ZZ Top have been in movies, shows, videos, cartoons, and more. For those real ZZ Top fans, you will know that Dusty is cousins with Arlen, Texas propane salesman Hank Hill of King of the Hill.

There are all kinds of stories about the band that touches the hearts of fans and makes for great trivia topics. Show me a rock-n-roll fan who doesn’t know that ZZ Top’s drummer doesn’t have a beard despite being named Frank Beard. Even young millennials know who ZZ Top and Dusty Hill are.

I watched so many VH1 specials throughout the 2010s that even if I didn’t know who they were before I sure did afterward.

With the passing of Dusty Hill, it truly is a sad day for fans all around the world. There were hundreds and thousands of comments on social media dedicated to the late star.

Fans React to Dusty Hill’s Passing

Tons of fans took to Facebook to make their condolences. Famous and non-famous fans alike.

Author, actor Turk Pipkin commented, “Damn and double damn. Thanks for all the music Dusty. Love to Billy and Frank, to family and friends, and fans. Damn.”

There were other fans taking to the social network in order to give their thoughts under the band’s announcement. One fan commented, “I’m sooo sorry to read this but most especially for his family and your loss RIP 🙏“.

Over on Twitter, there were plenty of other comments from fans. Some took the time to share their favorite pictures or gifs of the rock legend.

There isn’t really much else to say besides how much of a legendary figure Dusty Hill is, was, and will be. While most people will automatically think about Sharp Dressed Man the band found great success with a variety of hits throughout the 1980s and 90s. Songs like Legs, Gimme All Your Lovin’ and more made ZZ Top a worldwide phenomenon.

Dusty Hill was a big part of the success of ZZ Top and as his own musician deserves so many respects. The iconic style, beards, guitars, and overall swagger of ZZ Top will likely never be topped.