Eric Trump Asks If ‘Anyone Believes that Biden Got 15 Million More Votes than Obama’

by Jennifer Shea

The Trump family is continuing to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 presidential election. Eric Trump is now implying that Biden’s vote count is inflated.

Eric Trump Tweets Disbelief

“Does anyone believe that Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama in 2012?” Eric Trump tweeted Saturday. “This from a candidate who would go days/weeks while hardly campaigning.”

According to the Cook Political Report, Biden got 80,259,147 votes to President Trump’s 73,967,466 votes. That’s about 51.1% to 47.1%, Cook calculated. 

Hillary Clinton got about 65.8 million votes in 2016 but lost the Electoral College. This time, Trump lost both the popular vote and, probably, the Electoral College. The Electoral College meets on Dec. 14 to cast the official electoral ballots.

But the Trump campaign has waged a two-pronged war on Biden’s apparent victory. They have unleashed a public relations effort to undermine faith in the election’s fairness. And they have filed lawsuits in battleground states across the country.

Trump Campaign Lawsuits

The lawsuits raise challenges on grounds such as observer access, postmarks on mail-in ballots, a “two-tier” voting system, counting of absentee ballots, ineligible voters and voter fraud.

On Friday, a federal appeals court shot down a Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania. The Trump team said it plans to appeal to the Supreme Court. 

President Trump has encouraged efforts by Pennsylvania Republicans to challenge giving Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to Biden. On Saturday, he tweeted, “So much credit to all of the brave men and women in state houses who are defending our great Constitution. Thank you!”

Republican state Representatives in Pennsylvania have introduced a resolution disputing the election results. They also called on Congress to declare the election contested.

But Trump would need at least three states, including Pennsylvania, to change their electoral votes in order to win the Electoral College. Biden currently leads Trump 306 to 232 in electoral votes. And faithless electors have never yet changed the outcome of a presidential election.