Ex-Fugitive Reveals Where He Believes Brian Laundrie Is Hiding

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

As far as updates go relating to the Gabby Petito case and the search for Brian Laundrie, there are a few. First and foremost, the FBI did in fact meet with the hiker who swears he had a run-in with Laundrie somewhere on the Appalachian Trail. The FBI reportedly took the North Carolina meeting very seriously, although details of the meeting remain behind closed doors for now.

In other news, Dog the Bounty Hunter just got served court papers detailing a $1.3 million lawsuit. While it doesn’t involve his search for Brian directly, it’s yet to be determined how the reality star will proceed.

Other updates revolve around the insertion of Brian’s parents into the search for him. His father spent hours at the Carlton Reserve yesterday, October 7th, to no avail. Authorities did not disclose whether or not they need him back there today, October 8th. The reasons behind his appearance at the site also remain under scrutiny but perhaps revolve around this “fresh campsite” found by authorities earlier in the week. Still, much of the public remains put off by the Laundrie family in general. They accuse the parents of leading authorities on a “wild goose chase.” Now, one ex-fugitive wants to add his two cents to the conversation and reveals how Brian Laundrie seems to evade detection.

Ex-Fugitive Says Signs Point to Brian Laundrie Receiving Outside Help

The Sun reports on their talk with Seth Ferranti, a prior criminal on the US Marshals’ Most Wanted List. As someone that evaded police detection for years, he knows more about Brian Laundrie’s situation than most. Based on his prior experiences, he maintains that life on the run is mentally draining. He also looks past Brian’s “mediocre survivalist” reputation saying outside help is more likely than some people think.

“I think he is using a support system. I believe that his parents might be secondary in that support – that they are reaching him through a relative… If he [Laundrie] is smart he will be holed up, not going out. That said, he is a pretty average-looking dude, if he wears a hat and a mask he could disguise himself… Most people get caught because they do not have resources. People with resources can hide out forever. Being close to resources is key and I think he is close to home.”  

Now, even with outside help, he does not think that Brian Laundrie can escape the weight or the pressure of the enormous reach of the case. From his own time on the run, Ferranti remembers the onset of paranoia.

“The scrutiny of this case, that must be wearing pretty hard on him… You think there is a cop around every corner, that everybody is looking for you. And there is much more scrutiny on him… The world is weighing pretty heavy on him right now. Even if he is innocent. Running is not a good look.”

While Ferranti strayed from making any guesses as to how long Brian may stay hidden, he did say that it’s only a matter of time before he slips up. And when he does, authorities will nab him in a matter of days.