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Ex-NFL Star Jay Cutler Facing Social Media Backlash After Posting Photo From Elk Hunt

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Some fans are upset with Jay Cutler after he posted a photo to his Instagram standing next to an elk he shot during a recent hunt, Whiskey Riff said. The former Chicago Bears quarterback posted the photos last week from his trip to New Mexico.

“It’s a wrap in NM. Amazing hunt. Short but sweet,” he captioned the photo posted on Thursday.

The photos received some love from fans and former teammates. Former Chicago Bears tight end Zack Miller joked “Pew pew!! Or was it just “pew”? #DED” And ex-Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long commented “big smile.”


Some angry over photos

While many of his fans seemed excited to see the fruits of his hunting trip, others went after him over the kill.

“I could never kill any animal that beautiful..She could have babies waiting on her,” one person posted on the photos. “Poor harmless animal,” posted another.

“I will never under murdering defenseless, beautiful, unsuspecting animals as a form of entertainment,” someone else chimed in. “Wtf is wrong with you,” another person said.

But several of the comments stood up for the former NFL star.

“Always amuses me that the ones who comment “poor animal” or complaining about him posing with the animal are the same ones who post photos on their Instagram of their hamburgers or steaks at fancy restaurants before eating them,” someone said in his defense.

“Yes, how dare you do your best to help in the conservation of this beautiful animal and harvest the most organic of meat! Maybe you should just settle for having your meat bludgeoned to death by somebody else like the rest of the people on here!,” another posted said.

Jay Cutler a lifelong hunter

Jay Cutler has made no secret of his love of hunting. The Indiana native grew up hunting. Last month, he posted a photo of a successful hunt he took his with dad. The two are posed next to the velvet deers they shot.

Cutler starred on the reality show “Very Cavallari” with soon-to-be ex-wife Kristen Cavallari. Several episodes of the show featured his frequent hunting trips. Long, the former offensive lineman, told a story recently about a hunting trip with Cutler where they shot feral hogs from the skids of a helicopter.

Cutler went on a hunt of a different sort earlier this summer when he tried to hunt a “chicken serial killer” on his farm.

The father of three hoped to catch the culprit in the act. “We’ve got a chicken serial killer on the loose. We’ve lost quite a few,” Cutler said on his Instagram Story. “Tonight, we’re gonna set up a trail camera, see if it’s a coyote, bobcat, I don’t know, raccoon. Could be anything.”

After more than a week of drama on his Instagram account where he documented his investigation, Cutler announced the chicken-killing supervillain was a raccoon. His chickens are now reportedly safe.

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