Fabric-Bodied Pickup Truck Built for Off-Roading and Can Drive 4,350 Miles Between Fill Ups

by Clayton Edwards

Have you thought about getting a hybrid truck, but worry about things like range, power, and toughness? Well, one UK-based manufacturer has you covered. Their new plug-in hybrid truck sports an ultralight frame, a fabric body, and a massive range. You’ll be able to travel 4,350 before you have to top off the truck’s tank. To put that into perspective, you’ll log about 3,500 miles traveling from one side of the United States to the other. Additionally, the company designed their truck from the ground up to be ready to take on rough and rugged terrain.

According to Fox News, UK-based Fering is currently developing the powerful truck wrapped in rugged fabric. They call it the Pioneer because of the uses they designed it for. It is street-ready. However, the designers are developing the Pioneer to tackle off-road terrain. They hope that it will serve adventurers as well as rescue teams and commercial clients that operate in rural or off-the-grid areas.

The Pioneer’s fabric body and aluminum frame keep the truck light. However, Fering didn’t go light on power or range. Two powerful electric motors power the Pioneer. It sports one motor for each axle. They draw power from small but tough batteries that are good for up to fifty miles of all-electric driving. Additionally, the truck boasts an 800 cc diesel generator to keep those batteries charged.

The Fering Pioneer won’t just take you where you want to go. It will also help you do what you need to do when you get there. The generator features hookups that will allow drivers to power electrical equipment while out in the wild.

More Details About the Fabric-Bodied Truck

CarScoops notes that Fering chose the most rugged batteries possible for the Pioneer. As some may know, batteries tend to lose range and power in extreme conditions. Both extreme heat and cold can hinder battery life. However, Fering opted for Lithium Titanate Oxide cells which are much more suited to the truck’s purposes.

The truck’s fabric body does more than keep it light. Fering wrapped the Pioneer in the same strong material used in hiking boots. They chose it because it provides better insulation against the elements. Furthermore, it is far more forgiving in off-road situations. It bends and flexes, so small collisions are not an issue. Additionally, if the body rips, repair or replacement will be cheaper than a traditional truck body.

Fering kept ease-of-replacement in mind with the wheels as well. The Pioneer sits on standard 22.5″ wheels so that replacement wheels and tires are available just about anywhere.

The first prototype is currently undergoing thorough testing. Fering plans to start production next year. The small company plans to manufacture around 200 Pioneers each year. You’ll be able to pick one up for the princely sum of $200k.