Fallen Navy Seal Candidate Kyle Mullen’s Mom Speaks Out on His Death Following ‘Hell Week’ Training

by Michael Freeman

Navy SEAL candidate Kyle Mullen died from an unknown illness last week following “Hell Week” training. His mother recently spoke out about the matter, lamenting their family’s loss of “light and laughter in our life.”

Kyle Mullen passed away hours after completing the Navy’s brutal “Hell Week,” and his mother talked to Fox News Digital about how it’s affected their family. “All I can say is myself and mu (sic) other son lost the light of laughter in our life,” said Regina Mullen. “and he will be missed every day.”

Kyle was 24 and died in California last Friday of an unknown illness after Hell Week. The U.S. Navy press release states he “was not actively training at the time of his death.” Officials report both Mullen and another SEAL candidate went to an area hospital after disclosing their symptoms. Authorities rushed them to Sharp Coronado Hospital, but Mullen sadly passed away. Since then, medical professionals upgraded the other SEAL candidate’s condition to stable.

Kyle Mullen grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Manalapan High School. He played football there and then attended Monmouth University. After that, he went to Yale where he continued playing football and became his team’s captain.

A Facebook page has also been created in his honor, called Remembering Kyle Mullen. It recently announced making a fundraising site for him to honor his memory.

The Kyle Mullen Memorial Fund currently stands at just over $18,000 with $50,000 being the goal. Donations received will financially assist Kyle’s family and expenses related to his funeral and the like.

Fox News sent the Armed Forces Medical Examiner a request for information but the Navy says his cause of death is unknown. They will continue investigating.

Navy Opens Investigation Involving Kyle Mullen’s Death

As stated, Kyle Mullen’s cause of death remains a mystery. Because of that, the Navy officially announced it will be investigating how Mullen died.

Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby held a press briefing on the matter Monday and outlined what the Navy intends to do. First and foremost, he gave his and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s condolences to the Mullen family. “He sends his deepest condolences to the family,” Kirby said. “That’s the kind of news that no parent wants to get. So he knows that the Navy is looking into this, and they’re fully investigating the cause of death.”

Going on, it appears Mullen completed his Hell Week training, and hours later his body began to shut down. This happened with both him and the other SEAL candidate. Given the mysterious circumstances surrounding the tragedy, Kirby admits not knowing what happened. “And I think the secretary wants to make sure that he gives the Navy the time to look at this carefully and thoughtfully before coming to any kind of conclusions. Obviously, you know, one such accident is one too many,” Kirby said. “We just don’t know. We just don’t know what happened here.”