Family Breaks ‘Most Decorated Christmas Trees in One Place’ Record for Second Year Running

by Leanne Stahulak

The Jeromin family from Rinteln-Volksen, Germany, took their holiday decorating to the next level when they set the new record for the most decorated Christmas trees in one place.

Thomas and Susanne Jeromin have 444 decorated Christmas trees in their house, according to the Record Institute for Germany (RID). This is the tenth year that they’ve held and broken their own record, a tradition they’d like to continue into the future.

To qualify, each tree must be fully decorated — the Jeromins ended up using over 10,000 ornaments and 300 strings lights on this year’s trees. And they do it all by hand, with no pre-lit or already-decorated trees in the house.

According to USA TODAY, the Jeromins said the record proves “there is no other place in the world besides your own four walls where a large number of festively decorated Christmas trees are set up.”

Olaf Kuchenbecker, the record judge for the RID, said during the certificate presentation, “It is an open secret that the Jeromin family does not get enough of decorated Christmas trees. And I am always amazed at how much dedication and creativity they bring to decorating and decorating. Every tree looks different.”

That’s a feat within itself. You can see a video of the miraculous 444 decorated Christmas trees in the CBS Sunday Morning tweet below. Every tree is gorgeous, unique, and full of personality. The Jeromins likely sneak some tiny trees into the house to accurately hit the record number. But based on the video, you can see that several large trees also fill up almost every square inch of the place.

The Jeromins Talk Breaking Record for Most Decorated Christmas Trees in One Place

So, how do they do it? Per USA TODAY, the Jeromins start setting up trees as early as September. This is a four-month-long endeavor for them, and once everything’s decorated, they even open their home up to the public.

Locals from all over Germany come by to see their festive house, but the Jeromins even had visitors come from Japan in the past. Of course, visits paused this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a CNN video, Thomas Jeromin told Reuters at the certificate presentation, “Hello, my name is Thomas Jeromin. I am 55 years old. And I really do have the World Record for having the most Christmas trees in one place. This year, for the tenth time, there are 444 trees.”

Kuchenbecker, the record judge, also told the outlet that “Family Jeromin is really the world leader here. There are 444 trees standing this season, or today, here in this house in Rinteln. And I have counted all of them, that is indeed correct. And what is important for us- for the record – is that the trees are actually fully decorated.”

We can’t wait to see how many Christmas trees the Jeromins fit into their home next year.