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Family of Moab Murder Victims Speaks Out on Recent Updates in Case

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images)

Kylen Schulte and her wife, Crystal Turner, met their ends in Moab, Utah back in August. People reported seeing them last in mid-August. That’s around the same time that Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie passed through the Utah town. As a result, the FBI and local cops thought that Laundrie might be involved in the double homicide. However, they recently announced that there is no evidence supporting Laundrie’s link to the case. Kylen’s father, Sean-Paul Schulte recently spoke out about this announcement.

When authorities brought publicly brought Laundrie’s name into the investigation, it grabbed headlines. So, Sean-Paul Schulte addressed that news first. He was not surprised. “I mean, we already know Brian Laundrie wasn’t our culprit,” according to the New York Post.  However, knowing who the culprit isn’t doesn’t help ease his mind. The grieving father said that he’s steeling himself to wait a long time to see his late daughter get justice.

Sean-Paul Schulte ‘Holding His Breath’ for Justice

Authorities say that they’ve identified “persons of interest” in the double homicide. Still, Sean-Paul Schulte says that he doesn’t expect the wheel of justice to move quickly. “I don’t think they’re going to call me today, but that’s because I’ve been holding my breath for six months,” said the grieving father.

Currently, Sean-Paul Schulte is trying to stay positive. However, he’s not letting his hopes get too high. “Do I want to let my breath out? Hell yeah. But, I’m still holding my breath over here.” So, when will he be able to stop holding his metaphorical breath? He’s waiting on a call saying, “Hey, Sean-Paul, we have a match of fingerprints, we have a match of DNA, we have a match of ballistics, we have cellphone pings and no alibi.” Until then, he’ll keep holding his breath. That’s when he’ll start to say, “Maybe it’s time for me to start to believe that we’re going to wrap this up.

Sean-Paul Schulte has been in this position before. The New York Post reports that he lost a 15-year-old son to a shooting seven years before Kylen’s murder.

Were Kylen and Crystal Murdered by a “Creepy Guy” at Their Campsite?

The newlyweds lived out of their van and traveled the country taking in the sights. However, they found themselves drawn to the Moab area. Not long before friends and family lost contact with the coup[e, they complained of a “creepy guy” hanging around their campsite. They didn’t give any details but did tell friends they felt uncomfortable. They told friends, “this guy creeped us out, might have to move.” The next night, they sent a similar message but added that they were “definitely” moving campsites. The couple hoped to avoid future encounters with the unnamed man.