Family Throws Away $25000 on Accident, Garbage Crews Scramble To Find It

by Megan Molseed

An Ohio family recently experienced the true goodness of people. When the family discovered they had accidentally thrown out an envelope of $25000, a group of garbage men worked hard to retrieve the item before it disappeared forever in the local landfill.

The incident happened last week when family members were helping to clear out their grandmother’s house. Working diligently, the helpers quickly cleared out their grandmother’s freezer. Once the freezer was cleared, the family bagged all of the items up and tossed it all out into the bin. Just in time for the weekly trash pickup.

Little did the family know, this would end up being a very costly mistake.

A Small Envelope But A $25000 Mistake

“They were cleaning out their house for their grandmother and they cleaned out the refrigerator, threw out all the garbage, grabbed all the freezer stuff, and put it in a bag,” Gary Capan, operations supervisor for waste collection agency Republic Services told The Hill.

Not long after, the grandmother mentioned that there was an envelope containing $25,000 in the freezer along with the usual frozen food items.

“The grandma was like, ‘Hey, there’s an envelope with $25,000 in there, don’t lose that,’” Capan said.

However, much to the horror of the family, it was too late. The envelope had been tossed into the outdoor garbage, which had already been emptied by the local sanitation service. So, by the time the family realized their major blunder, the cash was already on its way to the landfill. And, once it got there, the $25000 would undoubtedly be lost forever.

The family knew they had precious little time to find the envelope before the $25000 worth of savings was gone forever. They called the waste-services company and frantically explained the costly blunder.

This is where Gary Capan and his dedicated team members at Republic Services come into the picture.

“One team was trying to track down the driver and find out exactly what his location was and if he made it to the landfill yet,” Capan said. “If it got dropped there, there’s no finding it anymore.”

A Hardworking Crew Saves the Day!

However, luck was on the worried family’s side. The driver hadn’t yet made it to the landfill. Now, they knew which truck the cash was in. But they still had to retrieve the tiny envelope from the truckload of waste.

The driver drove his truck to a recycling center. There, crews sifted through the garbage to find the cash.

“I told the girls, if it’s in there, we’ll find it for you because they were pretty upset,” said Dan Schoewe, the recycling center’s operations manager.

It took ten dedicated helpers to rummage through the pile, but after just ten minutes, the original bag was retrieved. And in it, was the envelope of cash.

“Makes us feel good here,” said Capan of the heroic save.

“Made myself feel good,” he continued. “What a great story. And we’re just glad to help.”