Family of WWII Veteran Asks for Cards for His 103rd Birthday

by Clayton Edwards

We call them the Greatest Generation. As a whole, they weathered the Great Depression. In the 1940s, the men went overseas to fight in WWII. Their grit, determination, and selflessness in the face of conflict at home and abroad stand as examples of the American spirit. They showed us what we could overcome when we pull together as a nation. As a result, we remember them with deep respect. Many of them have passed on. However, on WWII veteran just had a major birthday and you can help him celebrate.

Wilbur Rolfes, a WWII veteran, just celebrated his 103rd birthday on September 16. However, his health kept him from getting out and celebrating his special day. As a result, his family asked for people in the southeastern region of Indiana to send Wilbur birthday cards according to The 812. However, we know our fellow Outsiders would like to get in on the action.

If you send Mr. Rolfes a birthday card now, it’ll be late, but it’d probably still put a smile on the WWII veteran’s face. After all, he gave for our country, he deserves as much happiness as he can get. We know that our readers feel the same way. So, before we talk more about Wilbur, here’s the address where you can send cards and other well-wishes.

Wilbur Rolfes
23997 Tobit Lane
Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025

More About the WWII Veteran Who Just Celebrated his 103rd Birthday

The US Army drafted Wilbur Rolfes on December 14, 1942, according to Eagle Country. Rolfes trained as a medic and surgical technician at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi. After training, he served in the Medical Detachment, 394th Infantry of the 99th Infantry. Next, Wilbur completed maneuvers in Louisiana before moving to Camp Maxi, Texas. From there, he left for the European Theater in October of 1943.

Wilbur Rolfes was part of the legendary Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. There, he was wounded in action. Enemy fire injured his hand and took one of his fingers while he was attending to a wounded soldier. At one point, he was listed as MIA for a short period.

The Army discharged Rolfes from Gardiner General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois in October of 1945. He left the Army at the rank of Technician Fourth Grade.

Today, the WWII veteran and Purple Heart recipient lives in Indiana and celebrates his birthday with his one daughter and three grandkids.

If anyone deserves to have a happy (belated) birthday, it’s this distinguished WWII veteran. He didn’t just fight in the Battle of the Bulge, he was wounded while trying to save his fellow soldiers. When you think of the words “True Patriot,” Technician Rolfes’ name should come to mind.

Take a few minutes to send him a birthday card or a nice letter.