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Fans React To Cardi B Calling Out Melania Trump On Twitter

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credits: Prince Williams / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Ex-Republican congressional candidate, DeAnna Lorraine, took to Twitter after First Lady Melania Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention, Tuesday night. Her tweet regarding rapper Cardi B has seen plenty of backlash from fans.


Next, the rapper responded within twenty minutes, saying, “Didn’t she used to sell that Wap?” referring to the First Lady once being a model, as well as regarding her new hit song, WAP. 

Within a few hours, the congressional hopeful fired back at Cardi B, this time saying, “No, that’s a total & complete lie. What’s not a lie is that you are absolutely destroying America’s youth with your lyrics and should be ashamed of yourself.”


Cardi proceeded to posted an explicit photo of a younger Melania Trump, nude with emojis covering her nipples and vagina. She captioned the photo, “This pic giving me “yeah you f**kin wit some wet a** p***y “ vibes …just sayin”. 

Lorraine fired back, highlighting some of the rapper’s past.